The Kingdom's Chronicle
Lake Nona Middle School, Orlando, FL
Dates to Watch For
March 30- Report Cards for Quarter 3 released
March 31- Device Check Makeup Session (see flyer)
April 6- SAC Meeting
April 7- No Early Release (students dismissed at 3:57 p.m.)
April 8- FSA Writing
April 9- FSA Writing Makeups
April 10- Saturday Learning Lab 9-1
April 12- Basketball Intramurals Begins (see flyer)
April 17- Science Boot Camp (8th graders only) See Flyer
Device Check Make-Up (March 31)
LNMS Basketball Intramurals
8th Grade Science Boot Camps
Basketball Spring League
Spring Testing
Our spring testing season is here! All statewide assessments will be completed face-to-face on the school campus. Please mark the following dates on your calendar and prepare for your student to be at school for all statewide testing. Please make sure your student charges their school-issued laptop nightly, and has a set of headphones or earbuds for testing. Students should also bring their computer charging cords. We will provide some at the school, but it is understood that most students prefer their own.

No Early Release:
Wednesday, April 7, 2021 (students dismissed at 3:57 pm)

Spring Testing Schedule:
The following schedule is subject to change based on state guidelines.

April 8: FSA Writing 6th grade (paper-based)
April 8: FSA Writing 7th & 8th grade (computer-based)
April 19-21: i-Ready Reading Diagnostic (computer-based)
April 22-23: i-Ready Math Diagnostic (computer-based)
May 3-4: FSA ELA Reading 6th grade (paper-based)
May 3-4: FSA ELA Reading 7th & 8th grade (computer-based)
May 6-7: FSA Math 6th grade (paper-based)
May 6-7: FSA Math 7th & 8th (computer-based)
May 6-7: Algebra 1 & Geometry EOC (computer-based)
May 10: 7th Grade Civics EOC (computer-based)
May 10: 8th Grade Science (paper-based)
May 17-20: Common Final Exams/CFEs (computer-based)

Other Testing Notes:
  • LaunchEd students, please plan to arrive on campus between 8:45 am and 9:00 am on each testing day. Please be on time and try to schedule all appointments on days we are not testing school-wide. Students who are late to school will have to test during the make-up days. 
  • As a reminder, students are not permitted to have any type of electronic device (includes Apple watches, cellphones, iPod, tablets, etc.) within arms-reach during testing, even if the device is turned off. If a student is found with an electronic device (even during breaks), the student’s test will be invalidated. Test administrators will provide at least two reminders to students about this policy before testing begins. 
  • If it is necessary for a student to be absent during testing, please note that it takes a minimum of two days to make up a test.
  • CFEs will count as 20% of a student’s final grade in a semester course. If a student is absent for the entire test window or has a test invalidated, the students will receive a 59% on the exam. 
STEAM Day Highlights (Part Two)
On Thursday, March 11 LNMS hosted a STEAM Day in place of the traditional Sun Games. (Sun Games was cancelled statewide this year due to Covid) Throughout the day, students participated in various STEAM activities in different classes. Our last edition of the Chronicle contained photos of some of the lessons which occurred throughout campus. Our amazing Science Department was awarded our Team of the Month recognition for their hard work in this endeavor! (The Science Team is pictured at the very top of this issue.)

Mrs. Kramer, 8th grade science teacher, shared some additional photos as well of her students constructing and testing their balloon cars below.
Monthly Recognitions
March faculty and staff recognitions were presented this past week at the monthly faculty meeting. Along with these recognitions there was a special moment to bid farewell to one of our Knights as she begins her retirement this week. Mrs. Nancie Stroup, one of the amazing ESE paraprofessionals, has been with LNMS since it was housed in the high school! Mrs. Stroup has almost 28 years of service to OCPS, all at Lake Nona Middle and Waterbridge Elementary. We will miss her dearly but know she is looking forward to gardening and enjoying her own schedule. Best of luck to her in her retirement!
Dr. Jackson presents Mrs. Stroup with a special crystal as a token of our appreciation for her years of service.
Knew Knight of the Month Mr. Lopez has done an amazing job with our students in course recovery, pushing many of them to complete their course successfully.
Ms. Torres, one of our ESOL paraprofessionals, has been instrumental with helping complete the Access Testing and ensuring the success of our ELL students.
Teacher of the Month Mr. Hall teaching his Algebra class and showing why he was selected for this month’s honor.
Teacher Shout Outs
This school year has been and continues to be challenging in so many ways, yet our teachers persevere and rise to the challenge daily. Students were asked to give a shout out to a teacher who deserves some extra recognition. Each week we will feature the comments from our students.

Mrs. Benitez - Ms. Benitez first started online teaching for the first half of the year, and then moved to in school teaching for the next half. No matter where she was she always would push us to try our hardest and really make sure we understand everything we need too. She always keeps the smiles on our faces and deserves a huge shout out. AND Mrs. Benitez is very nice and is always concerned for your grades, she always sends messages to you if you have missing work or if you get a bad score on something so you can re-take it to have a higher grade. She is also very funny and makes science very fun.

Mr. Harris - I want this teacher to have a shout out because he is also willing to listen and he is a hard working teacher. AND Mr. Harris is an amazing teacher. He tries to make every day different and fun to learn and teach so many things and keep us interested in the topic and he help us in whatever we need and also make the class so amazing that's why Mr. Harris deserves some special recognition.

Mrs. Menard - She deserves it because she goes above and beyond to make sure that her students are having a great learning experience AND she is so nice and she is so patient with use and she helps us a lot.

Mr. Contreras - Mr. Contreras deserves special recognition, because he is the kind of teacher that is always giving students multiple opportunities to learn more and understand what we are learning, which is the best kind of teacher ever.
Teacher of the Week Spotlight - Mrs. Robles
Mrs. Robles (formerly known as Ms. Molina) is one of Lake Nona’s 8th grade social studies teachers. Even though she started out teaching high school in Puerto Rico, she prefers to teach middle school. As a history buff, she’s loved teaching social studies during her 8 years of teaching, so far. However, if given the choice, she would probably teach literature out of her love of reading. Mrs. Robles started teaching just to earn a salary, but after a year she loved teaching students, so she was inspired to become a teacher. This has led her up to where she is now.

In her free time, Mrs. Robles enjoys cooking, baking, and reading, all of which she is really good at. A fun fact would be that she loves Salsa dancing in her free time just for the fun of it. She has one cat named Maximus, a name which her husband chose. In Utah, Ms. Molina majored in history and minored in Spanish.
Mrs. Robles, 8th Grade Social Studies
Student Recognitions
Congratulations to Abnerm Gonzalez, Alexandria Kielbasa, and Isabelle Kielbasa for being selected to perform with the 2021 OCPS Middle School Honor Band! These students had a great day making music with students from all of OCPS. We are very proud of you and your hard work!!!
Abnerm Gonzalez
Alexandria Kielbasa
Isabelle Kielbasa
Upcoming Summer Camps
Drone Camp: The camp is designed to provide young aviators with the knowledge and skills needed to qualify for the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot with sUAS exam. We'll have time on a flight simulator, ground school, and of course, actual done piloting. The cost is FREE and it will be an amazing experience for our scholars!
City of Orlando All Stars: Registration has begun for this summer camp located on campus at LNMS.
Youth Soccer
Youth Basketball League
Partner in Education Spotlight
Skyward Family Access Activity
This past week 86.4% our Knights logged onto the Skyward system compared to . . .
. . . 6.6% of our parents over the same time period.
Knight Vital Signs
Credit: Weekly success indicators compiled by Ms. Sharon Powers (Media Specialist) and staff.
OCPS Community Update
Please click on the link below for the latest Community Update from OCPS. This is a short YouTube video from Dr. Vazquez, OCPS Deputy Superintendent of Schools, that covers these topics relevant to our Lake Nona community:
  • State testing
  • Summer school
  • COVID dashboard
  • Top Talent

Monday's Motivational Moment!
Taking Punches and Finishing Strong

One of the most successful and well-respected boxers of all time, “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler, passed away earlier this month at the age of 66. While the sport of boxing has largely fallen out of the public eye for a variety of reasons, Hagler’s passing (and recounting of his many successes) naturally leads one to thinking about some of the traits that the world's best boxers all possess: self-discipline, continuous effort towards an end goal, self-confidence, and a never ending drive for personal improvement.

Along the lines of a world champion boxer, here are a few inspirational quotes that can help guide our Knights as we want to finish these last eight weeks of 2020-2021 with strength and maximum effort! It is a safe bet that "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler lived by all of these:

Patrick Mahomes On Setbacks
I just try to learn from every mistake that I make so I never make them again.
Patrick Mahomes, quarterback

Elon Musk On Improvement
I think that’s the single best piece of advice: Constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.
Elon Musk, entrepreneur (Tesla, SpaceX)

Henry Aaron On Work Ethic
I tell young people — including my granddaughter — there is no shortcut in life. You have to take it one step at a time and work hard.
Henry Aaron, baseball superstar

Muhammad Ali On Bravery
He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.
Muhammad Ali, world champion boxer

Make it a great week Knights!
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