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Monday, March 16, 2020

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Four of our Knights with their project during last Thursday's Sun Games (story below).

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Lake Nona Middle School

This past Friday afternoon, Orange County Public Schools released the following message across its various communications platforms:

"With new direction from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Florida Department of Education announced today all state schools will close for one additional week beyond spring break (returning March 30 in Orange County). State testing will also be delayed by two weeks and all extra-curricular activities will be suspended. More details to follow."

Please be sure to visit the OCPS website and OCPS social media for the very latest updates over the spring break.

I want to thank the parent volunteers that helped greatly with Thursday's annual Sun Games. We were so fortunate to have all the parental support! There were also others that stepped forward to make this event a terrific success including:
  • PTSA which donated enough water bottles for each student on the field
  • SAC which provided funds for the Sun Games medals and the Solar Car Kits
  • Our incredible science teachers for providing this wonderful engineering experience
  • The LNMS administrative team for their 100% support of the Science Department
In summary, it truly did take a village to pull off this year's special event. Thank you so much to our wonderful school community!

Finally, this will be our last Kingdom's Chronicle until after spring break. Enjoy the extended break, but I ask that all of our Knights keep up with their reading and to take the proper health precautions as appropriate. I look forward to seeing everyone back on campus for a successful start to the final quarter of 2019-2020!

With Knight Pride,

Stephanie R. Jackson, M. Ed.
Lake Nona Middle School

Dates To Watch For

March 12 - End of 3rd Nine Weeks
March 13 - 27 - Spring Break - School Closed
March 30 - Begin 4th Nine Weeks
April 1 - No Early Release
April 4 - AP Spanish Mock Test
April 7 - SAC Meeting - 5:30 PM
April 8 - Track & Field - Meadow Woods & Westridge - Home
April 11 - 8th Grade Formal - Coronado Springs

Dr. Smouse checks the temperature of the students' solar cooker during our annual Sun Games last Thursday.

8th Grade Formal (April 11)

UnstoppABLE Knights

The company Color Street creates nail polish strips that look like a sticker for nails. For the month of March, the company released a foundation set of polish strips to bring awareness and raise money for the Best Buddies organization and raise awareness of people with developmental disabilities.

Four of the Royal ladies and some of our 8th grade students had a nail social gathering and used the design nail polish strips called UnstoppABLE. The different colors and ribbons featured on the strips honor a wide range of developmental disabilities. While each disability is unique, all are part of a larger community of individuals, caregivers and families with many of the same goals, challenges, and victories.

Knight Special Olympics

The Special Olympics Track and Field team had a very successful county track and field competition even with the chilly and very windy weather!
Reynaldo started out by placing 1st in his division in shot put throwing 5.65 meters (approx. 18ft 6 in) and making the volunteers working the event say aloud, "Wow that's far!" Then both Jacob and Reynaldo ran the 100m sprint. Both team members ran a personal best time with both placing in their division (Reynaldo 3rd, Jacob 2nd).
Reynaldo and Jacob represented Lake Nona Middle School with pride and good sportsmanship!
They will compete again next month in area games. Thank you for your support with Special Olympics and thank you Coach Schenker for your dedication in inspiring these young men.


Knight Sanitation and Cleanliness

We would like to reassure all parents and community members that sanitation and cleanliness at Lake Nona Middle School is a top priority. At this time, the health risk to the public in Florida from this virus remains low, however we can take precautions to stop the spread of all infectious diseases.

Our custodial services have taken a proactive approach to the threat of COVID -19 to ensure our continued practice regarding cleaning and disinfecting all areas of our LNMS Kingdom. This includes the daily tasks of cleaning tables, sinks (including classrooms, lounges etc.), restrooms (refilling soap dispensers, cleaning faucets), door handles (inside/out), desktops, and handrails in stairwells. Teachers have also been encouraging students to use tissues, hand sanitizer, and cleaning wipes when necessary.

In support of Lake Nona Middle School, parents can make donations to the school of disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizers, and tissues. Please drop them off in the front office. The health and safety of our students continues to be our top priority. Rest assured we will continue to follow all guidance and take all appropriate measures accordingly.

Thank You,

LNMS Administration

The Knight Sun (Part I)
Thursday, March 12 
Sun Games is all about clean energy and creative kids. Every second Thursday in March, hundreds of students converge on the LNMS soccer field to participate in renewable energy themed events: Solar Cars, Solar Cookers, Critter Cottages and Energy Transfer Machines.  
Over 700 LNMS students participated in teams creating a notebook with plans, drawings, data, teacher approval and then building their alternative project. Congratulations to all of our energy engineers!  
Community footnote: Due to space limitations we will be sharing additional images after spring break. This issue highlights some of the students with their Critter Cottages and Solar Cookers. 
Latino Knights

Angelica Rivera who actually is the LakeNona LATINOS IN ACTION Leadership President, won the Writing Competition 2020 in the UCF LIA conference with the poem "Make it to Happen."
Additionally, the Lake Nona Leadership team was awarded for the second year "Gold Level" in Leadership Masterminds; the maximum level in terms of leadership skills setting and achieving goals.

Angelica Rivera, LIA Leadership President, with her certificate of achievement for "Make it Happen."

Monday's Motivational Moment


A poor hungry young man sat moping on a bridge, watching a group of fishermen. Looking into a basket and seeing a bunch of fish nearby, the young man said, "Boy if I had a mess of fish like that, I'd be in good shape. I'd sell them and buy some clothes and something to eat."

"I'll give you that many fish if you do a small favor for me," a fisherman replied.


"Tend this line for me awhile. I've got some errands to do up the street," said the older man.

The young man gladly accepted the offer. As he tended the man's pole, the fish were really biting, and he reeled in one fish after another. It wasn't long before he was smiling, enjoying the activity.

When the older man returned, he said, "I want to give you the fish I promised. Here, take all the fish you caught. But I also want to give you a piece of advice. The next time you're in need, don't waste time daydreaming and wishing for what could be. Get busy, cast the line yourself, and make something happen."

Enjoy your spring break Knights!
Mrs. Jackson, Principal
Lake Nona Middle School
Sunday, March 15, 2020

Leadership Team

Principal: Stephanie Jackson
Assistant Principal: Damian Rosado
Assistant Principal: Cheryl Wood
Assistant Principal: Lindsey Herold
8th Grade Administrative Dean: Steven Berson
7th Grade Administrative Dean: Tangala Butler-Wilson
6th Grade Administrative Dean: Wanda Perkins


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