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Monday, May 4, 2020

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Lake Nona Middle School

This is a special week at Lake Nona Middle School as we pause to commemorate National Teacher Appreciation Week. Unfortunately this year due to the COVID-19 shutdown, our traditional on campus recognition events will not be possible. However, we are still very mindful of the gift of our highly competent, committed and caring teachers plus support staff. This is their special week and this year I need to ask a personal favor of you.

If in your view there is a member of our Lake Nona faculty or staff that has done an especially fine job for you or your student, would you please email them a simple message or video of thanks? You would be surprised at how small gestures of appreciation really make a difference; now more so than ever!

To any of our teachers and staff that may be reading this week's edition I want to thank you for the profound and positive difference you make in the lives of our students, their families, and our Lake Nona community each day. Moreover, you have certainly traveled that extra mile during the first 5 weeks of distance learning and that initial week leading up to its rollout. The way you have worked to help our Knights continue on with their education has been inspirational.

Please remember to check Progress Reports and have a great week!

With Knight Pride,

Stephanie R. Jackson, M. Ed.
Lake Nona Middle School

Dates to Watch For

May 6 - Progress Report in Skyward (please see below)

May 4-8 - National Teacher Appreciation Week

May 8 - First day 2019-2020 Yearbooks will begin to be shipped to students' homes

May 10 - Happy Mother's Day!

May 25 - Memorial Day

May 27 - Last day of Quarter 4

Attention Parents: Checking Student Progress Online
Parents will be able to view the Progress Reports in Skyward May 6th, 2020 in the Academic History tab on Skyward.

Reminder: Students are able to go back and complete any missing assignment, or redo an assignment to raise their grade from any previous weeks of distance learning

Please CLICK HERE to view both pages - this is only a partial image of the instructions. Thank you.

Knight Vital Signs

This past week 7.8% of LNMS parents & guardians logged into the Skyward Family Access system to check student progress, key dates, etc. versus . . .

. . . 82.2% of our students logging in over the same period of time. (And this was a low week for the students given the current situation as normal login rates exceed +90%.)

Knight Memories

Hear Ye!, Hear Ye!

Yearbooks will be shipped directly
to students' homes starting May 8th.

Online sales closed May 1st, 2020.

Knight Families

Student Assignment Expectation - Weekly Attendance Quiz   
(Very important)
All teachers will post an assignment on Monday detailing their expectations or outline for the week. Students are to acknowledge they understand the expectations by answering a one question assignment quiz for each class; this will serve as your attendance check-in. The answer is due by noon Friday of that week. Students will be marked absent if the weekly attendance quiz is not completed.

Knight Teacher Office Hours
Students and parents may need to get additional support or clarification on an assignment. LNMS teachers will be available during these posted office hours.

Knight Digital Learning Schedule
The following schedule allows LNMS to provide dedicated time to each content area. Some teachers may choose to interact with live teaching sessions and live help support during the window of time. Students can follow this schedule in order to ensure a class is not missed throughout the week.

Knight Earth Day Winners

Trenton Gummer (Art, 1st Place)

Isabella Carrasquilla, (Art, 2nd Place)

"Welcome to Yellowstone National Park, Get Lost in Adventure"
By Isabella Carrasquilla (Social Studies, 1st Place)

"Welcome to The Everglades National Park"
By Rupin Iyer (Social Studies, 2nd Place)

Profile on Rachel Carson, Author and Conservationist
By Ava Morales (Social Studies, 3rd Place)

Community Gardening by Isabella Carrasquilla (Science, 1st Place)
Earth Day Photo Eco Trek by Allison Gage (Science, 2nd Place)

Earth Day Photo Eco Trek by Gael Correa (Science, 3rd Place)

ELA Haiku Poetry

Midnight Dreams by Allison Gage (1st place - 8th grade)
It is peaceful here
Tall grass whispers in the wind
If only it were real

Untitled by Ava Morales (2nd place - 7th grade)
A  ray of sunshine
Can lighten a person's day
A smile appears

Untitled by Isabella Carrasquilla (3rd place - 6th Grade)
The sunshine you see
rising on top of the tree
Seems hopefull and free.

UCF Summer Opportunity

Student Artwork with Ms. Guyton

For this past week's lesson, students were to create a four panel comic strip about quarantine. As I was grading, one student's artwork was outstanding and I wanted to share it with our school community (top image below). Below is also info. about the lesson and Alyssa Beccari's Comic Strip.

~ Ms. Guyton, 3D Art teacher

Knight Reminder . . .

OCPS Distance Learning Tips for Parents

Please click here for the latest parent tips in response to questions received by the district.

Food Distribution

Monday's Motivational Moment!


* Thank you for finding a way to reach every kind of student at Lake Nona Middle School.  
* Thank you for the long, long hours you dedicate to them.  
* Thank you for helping students discover passion for things they never even knew they liked.
* Thank you for staying late and even traveling out of town serving as a club sponsors, coaches, and tutors.  
* Thank you for taking dollars out of your own pocket that people don't even know about for your classes and then thank you for stretching ever so small budgets they way you do.  
* Thank you for your patience with your students. Some have trouble reading. Some get anxious when have to stand and speak. Some face challenges that cannot be seen. You know of all that and you look out for every one of them.  
* Thank you for the thousands of hours of volunteer time you all put forth from August through May and especially leading into the Holiday season.  
* Thank you for participating in our many professional development sessions. You set a powerful example with your continuing commitment to personal education not just to benefit your students, but something the entire private sector could learn from.
* Thank you for all you have done since spring break with distance learning. Your love for your students and your craft could not be more evident than during the past several weeks.  

Lake Nona Middle teachers, please remember this as you work from home:  
ALL of us are where we are today because of one or more teachers in our life. You are just as much a national asset to the United States as our armed forces, our health care workers, and our first responders. This May 4th to May 8th is your week. You deserve all the respect and accolades in the world for what you do. And the next time you happen to look at an American flag like the one just below, remember YOU are a major reason that our country, even in during its most difficult times, is the still the greatest nation on Earth.

Thank you for everything Lake Nona Middle educators!
Animated US Flag

Mrs. Stephanie Jackson
Lake Nona Middle School
Monday, May 4, 2020

Leadership Team

Principal: Stephanie Jackson
Assistant Principal: Damian Rosado
Assistant Principal: Cheryl Wood
Assistant Principal: Lindsey Herold
8th Grade Administrative Dean: Steven Berson
7th Grade Administrative Dean: Tangala Butler-Wilson
6th Grade Administrative Dean: Wanda Perkins


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