News from the Board of the
Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District
High Water Project
Widseth Smith Nolting (WSN) has concluded Step 1 and has submitted a Preliminary Engineering Report which includes testing information, high level detail, and preliminary costs for a proposed solution that would pump water from the lake to infiltrate in a gravel pit located NE of the lake across Bugle Road. The Preliminary Engineering Report can be found on the LID website. Please note the following:
  • The testing has given very positive findings for infiltration at a gravel pit at the NE part of lake and north of Bugle Road
  • The map indicates a route to the gravel pit from the lake, which is only for illustrative purposes. During the next step of the project, we will be working with property owners to determine the exact route.
  • The costs in the report are preliminary. During the next step of the project WSN will be looking at alternatives and ways to reduce the costs.
T he Board also recently released a Fact Sheet on the High-Water Project. Visit the LID website to view this document.

A reminder of the goal of the high-water project:
Determine a solution that is most feasible, cost-effective and timely, and will minimize ongoing maintenance and future operating costs.
High-Water Project Next Steps
  • Lake Shamineau has reached an all time high water reading. As of June 7th, the reading was 1277.0 which is 1.9 feet above the ordinary high water level (OHWL).
  • Documentation has been submitted to the DNR and we anticipate that an agreement will be executed in the next week which will allow the LID to receive DNR grant reimbursements of up to $65,000 for Steps 2 and 3.
  • It is anticipated that Step 2 will be completed by August 1st, which will include a preliminary design of the solution and an estimate of total project costs.
  • Plans and Permitting, Step 3, will be completed by November 19th.
  • The schedule for future steps including final design, construction plans, construction and operation, will be announced as it becomes available.
High Water Project Informational Meeting Scheduled for July 6th

An informational meeting for Lake Shamineau property owners has been scheduled for Saturday, July 6, beginning at 9:30 a.m. at the Lincoln Evangelical Free Church. This meeting will include an update on the High-Water Project solution. WSN will be available to answer questions.
Nominations are Open

There are two Board of Director seats open for election at the Annual Meeting. Incumbents for the open seats are Bob Koll and Don Ogilvie.

Each of the two open seats requires that nominees are a permanent resident. Permanent residency requires that your lake address must be your primary residence.  For more information on establishing permanent residency contact Morrison County.

You may nominate yourself or another Lake Shamineau property owner with permanent residency for a Board of Director seat. 

Nominations are due and must be received by July 9, 2019.

For each nomination, submit the name of the nominee, their lake address, their mailing address, their email address and their phone number. We will verify that they meet the residency requirement and we will also contact each nominee for background information to send out with the ballots. Submit the nomination information to LSLID, PO Box 394, Motley MN 56466, or email to
Board of Director Communications

The LSLID Board of Directors has held several Board meetings in the last several weeks. During the meeting on May 26th there was discussion regarding the DNR Grant requirements. At the meeting on June 3rd , Brian Ross presented findings on the Preliminary Engineering Report for the High-Water project which the board unanimously approved. Minutes of these meetings and future meeting announcements and agendas are available on the LID website.

A project team, made up of residential and commercial property owners, and invited attendees from Morrison County, Soil and Water, and the DNR, has also been formed for communication and feedback on the high-water project. Team meetings have been held and members have provided valuable input and will continue to meet at key points in the project.
Timeline and Schedule

Following are key activities for this summer:
  • A letter was sent to all Lake Shamineau property owners on June 14th. This letter provides information for Director nominations, an update on LID activities, an announcement for the July 6th High-Water meeting and an announcement for the Annual Meeting. The letter can be found on the website using the above link.
  • An Informational Meeting has been scheduled for July 6th beginning at 9:30 a.m. at the Lincoln Evangelical Free Church to provide an update on the High-Water Project.
  • A mailing will be sent at the end of July providing the agenda for the Annual Meeting and voting information.
  • The Annual Meeting will be held on August 24 beginning at 9:30 at the Lincoln Evangelical Free Church. At the Annual Meeting, voting will occur on the 2020 budget (including the LID budget, the AIS budget and the High-Water project budget) and the next steps in the High-Water project, as well as the election of two Director seats.
DNR Permitting and Grants
The DNR has informed the LSLID Board of Directors that moving forward, permitting for a permanent high water solution must be sponsored by a local governmental unit, such as the Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District. In addition, grant dollars through the DNR Flood Damage Reduction grant program cannot be awarded to individuals or independent organizations; these funds can only be awarded to local government units, such as the Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District.  We are hopeful that the LID will continue to receive grant funding for future steps of the high-water project.
MPR Story
Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) recently did a story on the high water problem on Lake Shamineau . The article highlights problems experienced by homeowners on Lake Shamineau in dealing with the high water and discusses how above-average precipitation has challenged landlocked lakes. Visit the MPR website to view the article and listen to the audio story. (Link above)
Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)
Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

The LID received a 2019 AIS Partnership Grant for the Quad Lakes which includes Lake Shamineau. The grant is used to survey the lake for AIS and to fund the updated signage and brochures at the landings. We have also scheduled treatments and hand pulling in the NW bay to occur prior to July 4th. Please note that if any property owner does not want the treatment to occur adjacent to their property, they need to notify the LSLID as soon as possible with their name and property address, at either PO Box 394, Motley, MN 56466 or at 
 Ambassador Program
Beginning this summer we have received funding for a new Ambassador program. We have hired three Ambassadors who will be staffing each of the landings to greet and educate visitors to inform them of the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) and requirements for cleaning their boats and trailers.
No Wake Sign
A Message from the LID Board
We invite you to visit the LID website for up to date information and documents, including budgets and financial statements, updates, notification of Board Meetings and Board minutes.

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Thank you for your support!

Bob Koll, Rick Rosar, Cindy Kevern, Fred Comb and Don Ogilvie
Lake Shamineau Improvement District Board of Directors