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Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District
High Water Project
In April, the Board of Directors signed an agreement with Widseth Smith Nolting (WSN) to develop a High-Water solution which includes 3 steps: 1) complete a route analysis in the NE area with emphasis on infiltration and provide an Engineers report; 2) complete a preliminary design and provide an estimate of total project costs for the High Water solution; and 3) complete plans and permitting.

WSN has made progress on Step 1 with a review of routes including a possible solution that would pump water to infiltrate in a gravel pit NE of the lake across Bugle Road. Borings, observation wells, and initial surveys have provided preliminary data with positive results. At a Board meeting on May 10th, WSN presented their preliminary data and provided a handout which is posted on the LID website.

The Board recently released a Fact Sheet on the High-Water Project. Visit the LID website to view this document.
High-Water Project Schedule

  • It is expected that Step 1 will be completed by May 31.
  • Documentation will be submitted to the DNR in June to allow the LID to receive DNR grant reimbursement of up to $65,000 for Step 2 and Step 3.
  • It is anticipated that the preliminary design and an estimate of total project costs will be available by August 1st.
  • Plans and Permitting will be completed by November 19th.
  • The schedule for future steps including final design, construction plans, construction and operation, will be announced as they become available.
Eurasian Water Milfoil Treatments
This summer there will be several actions taken to mitigate Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM).
The schedule is as follows:
  • Herbicide treatment prior to July 4th. Notifications will be published in the Morrison County Record, LID website, social media and at public meetings.
  • 2-4 weeks after the herbicide treatment, scuba divers will survey the area and hand pull remaining plants.
  • After mitigation is complete, a follow-up delineation survey will take place in the NW bay areas.
Board of Director Communications
Board Meetings

The LSLID Board of Directors will be holding several Board meetings over the next couple of months. The next meeting will be held on May 26th at 2:00 PM at the Scandia Valley Town Hall. The primary purpose will be to discuss the DNR Grant requirements. A Board Meeting will also be held on June 3rd at 10:00 AM at the Scandia Valley Town Hall to discuss the Engineers Report for the High-Water project. Meeting announcements and agendas are available on the LID website.
Timeline and Schedule

Following are key activities that will be happening this summer:
  • Nomination information for two open Director seats (with permanent residency) will be sent in June.
  • An Informational Meeting will be scheduled for July to provide an update on the High-Water Project. Look for an announcement in June for the date and location.
  • Announcements for the Annual Meeting will be sent at the end of July.
  • The Annual Meeting will be held on August 24 with approval needed for the next steps in the High-Water project and the election of two Director seats.
Morrison County Ordinance
Morrison County has enacted a Flood Protection Ordinance for the benefit of residents on Lake Shamineau and Crookneck Lake. The ordinance essentially relaxes the limits for grade and fill within the shore impact zone. The Ordinance will sunset on December 10, 2020 since FEMA is updating their floodplain maps and adoption is expected in 2021. Lake Shamineau has been identified to be within the floodplain on the new maps which will require work on flood proofing standards and require permitting dictated by federal and state law. Visit the LID website for the Co unty Ordinance or contact Morrison County Land Services for more information.
The LID Board has received inquiries about combining adjacent properties owned by the same property owner. We have been informed that the contact for these inquiries at the Morrison County Auditor/Treasurer's Office is Jolene Crosby and she can be reached at 320-632-0133.
High-Water Project Team
The LID Board has formed a project team for communication and feedback as we move through the High-Water project. The team is made up of property owners, LID Board members and invited attendees from the County, Soil/Water, and DNR.   Team members will provide valuable input to the LSLID Board of Directors to enable them to make informed decisions on the project. The project team will work in support of the overall goal of the project to determine a solution to the high-water problem that is most feasible, cost-effective and timely, and will minimize ongoing maintenance and future operating costs.
The project team had it's first meeting on May10th and will meet again at the end of May to discuss the Engineer's Report and establishment of a route. Visit the LID website for notes of the Project Team meetings.
A Message from the LID Board
We invite you to visit the LID website for up to date information and documents, including budgets and financial statements, updates, notification of Board Meetings and Board minutes.

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Bob Koll, Rick Rosar, Cindy Kevern, Fred Comb and Don Ogilvie
Lake Shamineau Improvement District Board of Directors