News from the Board of the
Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District
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Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Lake Improvement District was held on August 24, 2019 at the Lincol n Evangelical Free Church. The minutes from the Annual Meeting can be found on the LID Website.

The following items were approved by the LID members at the Annual Meeting on August 24, 2019:
  1. A Non-Project 2020 budget of $22,515.
  2. An AIS Project 2020 budget of $26,528.
  3. The High-Water Lake Shamineau Outlet Project 2020 budget for Pre-Construction and Operations at an amount of $156,034. 
  4. The establishment of a project to construct a High-Water Outlet on Lake Shamineau at an estimated cost (as of August 2019) of $2,091,475.
  5. The authorization for the LSLID Board of Directors to seek delegation of authority from the Morrison County Board of Commissioners to exercise the powers of a city to finance a Lake Shamineau High-Water Outlet Project (such powers may include the levy of special assessments; the imposition of rates and charges; and the issuance of bonds) according to MN statutes chapters 429 and 444.

In addition, Ardis Sandstrom and Bob Koll were elected to two-year terms. Congratulations to Ardis and Bob!
Update on High Water
Outlet Plan
High-Water Outlet Project Goal:
Determine a solution that is most feasible, cost-effective and timely, and will minimize ongoing maintenance and future operating costs.

In June, Widseth Smith Nolting (WSN) submitted an Engineering Report which includes testing information and high level detail for a proposed solution that would pump water from the lake to infiltrate in a gravel pit located NE of the lake across Bugle Road. The Preliminary Engineering Report can be found on the LID website.

Since the Annual Meeting, WSN has continued their work to determine a route to the infiltration site, complete design modifications for the infiltration area to mitigate potential issues with adjacent property owners, and modify the plan to include submersible pumps for sound mitigation. 

In addition, changes have been made to the cost estimates for construction, the contingency amount, and costs for LSID legal, fiscal and administration. The increase in cost for construction is a result of the change in the infiltration basin, an updated alternative route, and utilizing a submersible pump to reduce sound.
The revised not-to-exceed project cost is $2,275,000 and is based on an updated cost plan from WSN dated September 20, 2019. This project cost amount cannot be increased. The updated costs can be found on the LID website and the amounts for construction of a high-water outlet includes:
  • Dewatering groundwater around the pump station
  • Earth moving in the gravel pit to build the infiltration basins.
  • Excavation, borings, and laying of the pipe from the lake to the infiltration basins
  • Pumps with intake screen and filters, electrical controls and wet well.
  • Construction Engineering

Several activities will be worked on this fall with planned completion by the end of the year, including finalization of the route; design of the infiltration area; surveys; development of an operations plan; wetland delineation; completion of an Environmental Assessment Worksheet; working with the DNR and other agencies on Permitting; determination of design for utilities; Right of Way; and completion of easements.
Fall on Shamineau
Public Hearing Scheduled for
October 17th

The LSLID Board voted on September 22, 2019 to receive the feasibility study/updated plans and reports and call for a public hearing on the Lake Shamineau High-Water Outlet Control Structure Improvements. The resolution and Exhibit A calling for a Public Hearing to be held October 17, 2019 at 6:30 PM at the Lincoln Evangelical Free Church, 1354 320th St., Cushing MN 56443, can be found on the LID website.  The doors will be open at 6:00 pm.

At the public hearing, such persons that desire to be heard with reference to the proposed improvements will be heard at this meeting. Written and oral comments will be considered. Please note that this is a new public hearing and not a continuation of the public hearing that was held on April 21, 2018.

Following is the agenda for the Public Hearing on October 17, 2019:
  1. Attendees will be asked to sign in at the hearing upon arrival.
  2. Call to Order
  3. Review of Engineer’s Report and High-Water Outlet Control Structure Improvements (Brian Ross, Widseth Smith Nolting)
  4. Review of Statutory 429 Process
  5. Estimated Timeline and Proposed Costs
  7. Close of Public Hearing

Immediately following the public hearing, the Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District Board of Directors will hold a brief Board Meeting and the agenda will include a vote on whether to proceed with the improvements.

A letter will be mailed to all Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District property owners advised them of the public hearing.
Aquatic Invasive Species Update Good News!

Freshwater Scientific Services surveyed the far western end of the lake on August 23, 2019. This late-summer survey is a follow-up to the Eaurasian Watermilfoil (EWM) survey conducted on Lake Shamineau in 2018. This survey intensively sampled the western end of the lake, with additional focus on those areas where EWM was found in 2018. This information will help to assess the effectiveness of recent management actions to control EWM and guide future management decisions.

The findings of the survey indicate that overall, the Lake Improvement District's management activities (herbicide and hand-pulling) appear to have been extremely effective at controlling EWM in the lake in 2019. They found only three very small isolated patches of EWM during the late-summer survey; two new patches not found during past surveys, and one small patch remaining along the deep-water edge of a plot that was treated with herbicide in 2019. They recommend hand pulling these remaining EWM plants in the fall of 2019 and the hand pulling has been scheduled.
Although the reduction of EWM in 2019 is very promising, EWM will likely reestablish in some areas, particularly in hand-pulled areas where some roots may remain in the sediment. They recommend that we continue to monitor the previously infested areas over the next several years to ensure that any persisting areas of EWM are managed accordingly.

The Late-Summer Delineation Survey document can be found on the website. The chart below shows the areas found with EWM in this recent survey.
  • Boxes designate treated areas.
  • Black lines designate surveyed area.
  • White circles designate EWM areas found in 2018.
  • Yellow circles designate EWM found in 2019 survey.
Updates from the Board of Directors
County Board Approval
The LSLID Board of Directors recently attended a Morrison County Board meeting to provide an update for the Lake Shamineau LID . The letter to Morrison County providing the update is available on the website. During the meeting the County Board voted to approve the 2020 budget items. In addition, the County Board approved a resolution delegating authority to the LID for construction and financing for the High-Water Outlet project. 
Website Information

Be sure to visit the LID website for the following information:
  • Treasurer's Reports will be posted at least quarterly, but more frequently as available.
  • Status reports from WSN will be posted monthly.
  • The recent AIS survey.
  • Announcements and notes for meetings such as the LID Board meetings and public hearings.
  • There are many other documents and information available that you might find of interest.

Bonding Bill Committee

LID Member volunteers Cheryl Koll and Nancy Hanson are working with our local state representative, Rep. Ron Kresha, to get a bonding bill drafted for a hearing at the next MN legislative session. They will be following the bill during the session to keep us up to date on progress. This is an effort in addition to the State DNR grant. They will keep us informed when they need our help with letter writing or other activities. Thanks to Cheryl and Nancy for their efforts.
LID Board Meeting

A LSLID meeting of the Board of Directors was recently held on September 22, 2019. At the meeting, the results of the annual meeting were reviewed, minutes of the previous meeting were approved as well as the most recent Treasurer's report which can be found on the website.

At the meeting, Board officers were approved as follows:
  • Chair – Cindy Kevern
  • Vice-Chair – Bob Koll
  • Administration and Secretary – Rick Rosar
  • Finance/Treasurer – Fred Comb
  • Director - Ardis Sandstrom

In addition, the LSLID Board established many working committees for such tasks as:
  • High Water Project
  • Operations Planning
  • Bonding and Financing
  • Inflows
  • Grants
  • Communications
  • Bylaws
  • AIS activities.
The website has a chart of the committees and the assignments of Board members.

While we received names of volunteers at the Annual Meeting, we can use additional assistance. Send us an email if you would like to volunteer for the following committees: Inflows, Bylaws, Grants, Communications, Website, Operations Planning.

The High-Water Outlet project activities were reviewed at the meeting and the resolution to call for a public hearing was approved.
A Message from the LID Board
As we enter the cooler months, the boats and docks may be quickly disappearing, but unfortunately the lake continues to rise and break elevation records. The LID Board of Directors will continue to work over the fall and winter on the very important High-Water Outlet tasks with the goal to begin construction in the spring.

We will keep you up to date with postings to the website and newsletters. Continue to let us know your comments and questions. We welcome your input.

If you know of someone that would like to be added to our newsletter subscriber list, have them send a text to 22828 with the message LAKESHAMINEAU or send an email to You may want t o add this email address to your white list to ensure that you will receive future newsletters.

Thank you,

Cindy Kevern, Bob Koll, Rick Rosar, Fred Comb and Ardis Sandstrom
Lake Shamineau Improvement District Board of Directors