February 26, 2020

This is a special-edition email to our newsletter subscribers to notify you that Emergency Action is needed to assist with the legislative efforts for financial assistance for the high-water project.

We are pleased to announce that bills have been introduced in both the MN House and the MN Senate in support of funding for the Lake Shamineau LID (Lake Improvement District) High Water Outlet Project. HF 2942 has been introduced by Rep. Ron Kresha and SF 3285 has been introduced by Sen. Paul Gazelka.

A hearing has been scheduled for HF 2942 and we need your help!

A hearing has been scheduled for the House bill which earmarks $2.275 million dollars for the Lake Shamineau High Water Project. The hearing on HF 2942 is scheduled for Wednesday, March 4 th  at 6:30 pm in S tate Office Building Room 10 with the Capital Investment Committee. We will be allotted 5 minutes and LID Board Director Ardis Sandstrom will be speaking on behalf of the Lake Community. It will be helpful to have as many Lake Shamineau property owners attend the committee meeting to show support. You may want to get to the room early as the committee has a busy schedule for that evening and there may be many in attendance. We are asking that people attending the hearing wear "light blue" shirts to show solidarity for the lake.
Please contact your home area legislators (who represent you where you live) and inform them of the dire need for this project. Let them know of the bills that have been introduced and urge them to contact the Capital Investment Committee members regarding HF 2942 to ask them to support Lake Shamineau. You can find your MN House Representative and MN Senator contact information at: https://www.gis.leg.mn/iMaps/districts . Let us know who your legislators are so we can maintain a list of legislative contacts.

You may want to remind your legislator that while several dozen homes and properties have been or will be destroyed we also have to be concerned with leaching septic system contents into the lake as well as the destruction of the shoreline, trees, native vegetation and wildlife habitat. This lake is not just utilized by people that live on the lake, but thousands of Minnesota residents. We need to be working hard with the legislature and the DNR to assist us in saving and preserving this beautiful natural resource with funding for our project.

To assist with communications about our project, a media website link has been developed. You can view the link and share it with your legislator at: http://lakeshamineauflooding.org

Please let us know at: bloll@icloud.com , if you need assistance or are willing to contact your legislators via email, U.S. Post and/or will be able to attend the House Committee meeting next Wednesday evening.
Thank you for your help in contacting legislators. We will keep you informed of progress,

Bob Koll, Rick Rosar, Cindy Kevern, Fred Comb and Ardis Sandstrom
Board of Directors
Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District (LSLID)
P.O. Box 394, Motley, MN 56466