Lake Tahoe: 1-3 FEET of Snow Expected this Week

It may be calm at California ski resorts currently, but that is not expected to last long. As we move into the week, another storm is expected to arrive dropping heavy amounts of precipitation.
Throughout the next 6-10 days, California should expect to experience above average temperatures and near average precipitation. 
The forecast is calling for a "More Typical" winter storm.  1-3 FEET of snow is expected to fall in the Sierras Wednesday-Friday.  

How much Snow is too much Snow for your Lake Tahoe Home's Roof?
Do you know what the snow load is on the roof of you Lake Tahoe home?

Rules are different between homes in the City and home located in El Dorado County. In the city, homes built today must be able to hold 150 pounds of snow per square foot (PSF), and in the county it depends on where your home is located, with some areas requiring 300 pounds per square foot.

Winter driving: 10 tips to be safe when Driving on Tahoe's Winter Roads

With the winter season upon us at Lake Tahoe - and more snow in the forecast throughout the week- it's important to remind residents about the dangers of traveling on the region's winter roads.

Don't be that driver with just a tiny portion of defrosted glass. Scrape all the windows from front to back. And for goodness sake, do NOT be that person flying around with a 2 feet of snow still clinging to the top of your car, ready to fly off at any sudden stop.
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