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Garden Tour Weekend.
A 2013 Lake of the Sky Garden Tour Ticket is your coupon for 20% off of any one purchase this Saturday or Sunday!
Rudbeckia Lychnis
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  "The" Garden Tour is this Saturday from 10-4.  Rob and Eric will be out there enjoying the creations, asking questions (and answering more than a few), listening to what you love and wonder at, and learning from everyone there.
  The Villager traditionally offers a one time 20% Off discount (any one purchase) on Saturday and Sunday and we will again.
Epilobium canum Klamath sm
Native Plants
I saw an Epilobium canum (Zauchnaria, CA Fuchsia) at the TOP of Devil's peak. Also Mt. Pennyroyal, Newberry's Penstemon and Wooly Sunflower.  We have all of these available in the nursery. 
On the climb down I saw Mountain Maple, Eastwood Willow, Scouler's Willow, Currants, Gooseberries, Spiraea, Bittercherries, Columbine, Elderberry, Common Juniper, Snowbrush, Twinberry, Twin-flowering Honeysuckle, Dogwood, Creambush, Rabbitbrush, Sulfur-flower Buckwheat and Sagebrush. All of which we have at the Villager. We have Manzanitas, Sedums, Agastache and so many more natives and close-to-native wildflower bulbs, perennials, shrubs, trees in the nursery that are PERFECTLY adapted to our climate.  Give a few a try.
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Hummingbird on annual cutleaf lavender
  The hummingbirds are out en masse right now, dive-bombing us in the nursery, chasing each other off the Columbine, Salvias, Crocosmia and Penstemons. I was so inspired I put up one of our favorite "Best" hummingbird feeders (anti- ant and bee) and I had Hummers at it the nest morning.  They are really pretty violent and territorial creatures - mean descendants of the dinosaurs - but fascinating and beautiful and worth feeding after their journey all the Finch feeder in Marchway from Central America.
  The finch socks are one of the easiest ways to feed pleasant little goldfinches.  Just hang-up the pre-filled yellow sock full of thistle seed and they will come in flocks. Also, you can leave this feeder up year-round and finches will appreciate the sustenance.
Monkshood - White
Wolf's Bane
...devil's helmet or monkshood.  Aconitum is a genus with over 250 species native to much of the northern hemisphere.  Our most common and easy to grow species is Aconitum napellus, a Garden Monkshood, which is a frequent garden plant in cold locations throughout North America and Europe.  I have divided mine several times and the plants grow to 6' tall and 2' wide with dozens of flowering stalks.  Where the irrigation blasts them they often fall over if not staked but out of the spray, they seem to stand on their own.  They are very long lived. Like a shade loving delphinium with beautiful purple flowers. A. napellus prefers open woodland shade and moist well-drained soil.  We also have a few Autumn Monkshood that prefer more sun and bloom much later.  The picture is 'Ivorene', a white selection in our landscape. See Coupon Below.

Aconitum - Botanical
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Using Gromulch

Lake of the Sky
Garden Tour
Incline Village this year.
July 27, 10 am - 4 pm
 20% discount off a single purchase this Saturday and Sunday at the Villager

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