Newsletter| October 27, 2020

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Home Screening and Re-Entry Qualifications
We are doing everything we can to slow the spread of COVID-19 so that we can keep our doors open. We are asking everyone to conduct a home screening every day before they come on arrive on campus.
Please review and print out the Student Home Screen and the Re-Entry Criteria documents.
Important Dates

October 30: Read-a-thon & Literary Character Day

November 2-20: Canned Food Drive

November 11: Picture Day
On Friday, October 30, GH Lakeside will celebrate our very first Read-a-Thon and Literary Character Day. Scholars can dress as their favorite character from a book they have read and come to school primed for a joyful day filled with reading.

Costumes must cover the same parts of the body as the school uniform, so ensure scholars wear short/long sleeves and that their costume reaches to their knees. Play weapons, face paint, or masks that cover the eyes are not allowed as a part of a costume. Recess will be held, so the costume must allow for free movement. Scholars who do not wish to wear a costume should come to school in his or her regular uniform.

Be mindful of our no pop-culture rules at Great Hearts--book characters should be carefully selected from classical literature. Should you need some ideas, consider our Classics to Keep list or the supplemental grade level lists included below. (Your scholar's selection does not have to come from one of these books-- these are just some ideas, but they must be classic, non-pop culture choices.) Students will bring home a proposal form for their costume which must be approved by the teacher.

On this special day, students may bring their own books to school that follow the same guidelines. Blankets and pillows are also welcome, as long as they fit within the scholar’s backpack. Look for more details to come from your classroom teachers.

Supplemental Grade Level Reading Lists: Kinder1st2nd3rd4th5th                  
We will also host our first annual book fair, sponsored by Monkey and Dog Books. Scholars in grades 2-5 may bring cash to school and will visit the book fair with their class, during which time they may select books for purchase. Please send cash in a Ziploc bag labeled with his or her name.

Scholars in grades K-1 will be allowed to visit the book fair if their parent chooses to come to the school during the shopping window for their grade level. 
KA and KB
8:30-8:45 a.m.

KC and KD
8:45-9:00 a.m.
1A and 1B
9:20-9:35 a.m.

1C and 1D
9:35-9:50 a.m.
Scholars and parents may also shop on October 30-31 at Monkey and Dog books and a percentage of those purchases will also be donated to the Great Hearts Lakeside PSO.

As a further way to enjoy the day, parents can sign up to read a book during one specific fifteen-minute period.* Please see the signup linked below. Once you have signed up for one time slot, contact the classroom teacher to discuss what book you will be reading.

Thank you, in advance, for your support of reading and literacy, as well as your support of this special event at Great Hearts Lakeside!

*ALL volunteers will be required to wear face coverings, complete the COVID Screening before coming onto campus, in addition to submitting the Consent to Background Check before noon on
Wednesday, October 21.
For those of you who weren't able to attend the volunteer training, you can view it HERE. Passcode is: %@UbE4D8

After you have watched the training, download the FERPA Acknowledgment Form (linked below) and email to Mrs. Ogden at
Before coming on campus, please fill out COVID-19 Screening form by clicking HERE. Your results will be sent to the front office.
Carpool Reminders
A few reminders--you have two options at drop off.

1) Drive all the way through carline to drop off in front of the school or

2) Park off campus to walk your child across Harris Parkway, all the way up to the front door.
Scholars should not be dropped off on Harris Parkway or in the parking lot to cross carline traffic. This is for efficiency and most importantly, for scholar safety.
Pick-Up Signs
All families need the yellow carline sign. If yours is lost or if you are new and never received one, please contact Ms. Woodruff at
Parent Service Oranization
Welcome our new PSO Leadership Team!
Beth Zemkoski, President
Blaire Moore, Vice President
Jennifer Cooper, Room Parent Representative & Volunteer Coordinator
Athena Wilcher, Treasurer
Uniform Reminders
Dress your scholar warmly! We are making every effort to take our scholars outside everyday.

Remember that scholars may wear any color coat, jacket, scarf or gloves outside that has no pop culture references. Sweaters or fleeces worn inside the classroom must be uniform with the Great Hearts logo. Scholars may also wear long-sleeved undershirts in white, navy or black.
The updated uniform policy is here. The policy applies each and every day of school. Any student who is in violation of the uniform policy will receive an infraction. After 5 uniform infractions, an after school detention will be issued.

Please remember the following:

  • Shoes must be all black or all white, including the sole. High tops are not allowed.

  • Belts are required for all students wearing shorts or pants in first grade and above.

  • Please remember the pop culture policy. All lunch boxes, water bottles and backpacks must be devoid of popular culture references. Generic images of flowers, spaceships, mermaids, dinosaurs are acceptable.

  • Carefully review the mask policy. Masks should be plain in color or have a non-representational pattern that is repetitive.

  • Masks must not have any words or messages printed on them.

  • Masks cannot have any symbols on them, so masks with crayons, superhero logos, or American flags are not acceptable.
Breakfast and Lunch
Great Hearts Lakeside partners with Preferred Meals for our breakfast and lunch program. All meals are paid for through My Mealtime, and students purchase their meal with their assigned ID number.

If you wish to purchase a meal for your scholar, first set up an account on Mealtime.

  • Your scholar will be able to purchase a meal as long as there is a balance on his or account, and you do not have to notify the school ahead of time regarding what days he or she will eat lunch or breakfast.

If you do not know your lunch number, Add 00 to the 4 digits of your scholar's Google credentials.

  • For example, if the Google credentials were d.ogden1234, the MealTime ID number would be 001234.

If you believe that your scholar will qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch program, please use the links below to apply.

We cannot accept cash or checks for meals. All payments must be made online. We will provide a lunch if your scholar does not have one. Please keep your account current. After your account has reached a negative balance of $10.00, we will provide a substitute meal until your account is up to date.

Distance learning families can continue to pick up food by week as we have done for the past few weeks. A Sign-Up Genius was sent out within the last week to those who to wish to participate.

This program is optional. Scholars are more than welcome to bring their own lunch from home. Refrigeration and microwaves are not available. We ask that you refrain from sending soda, however, sparkling water is acceptable.
Should your scholar need medications to be kept and administered at school, you must bring in the medication yourself and sign a medication authorization form. Please do not send medications to school with your student, regardless of age or grade.

Prescription medications must have a doctor's orders. A faxed order will suffice. For prescription medications, the original pharmacy label and container must be sent. We cannot accept medication that has been transferred to a different container. Expired medications cannot be administered.

If you have further questions, contact Nurse Tucker at
After School
Register for the Athenaeum After-School Program!
Athenaeum is our after-school program for grades K-5. Athenaeum is focused on the liberal arts and promotes learning by providing students dedicated homework time in addition to enriching and academically oriented activities. Scholars also have time for snack, games and recreation, and time to socialize with friends.
The Athenaeum After-School Program has resumed since in-person learning is taking place.

For more information and to register, visit our academy website and click on Academy Life
-->After School Programs.

For questions, please contact your Campus Coordinator, Kayley Walker, at
Late Pick-Up Policy
All students MUST be picked up by 4:10 PM unless they are enrolled in an after school activity. After 4:10 PM (2:10 PM on early release days), parents of students who have not been picked up will be called by the school administration.  Late pick-up will be administered by Athenaeum and a charge of $1 per minute will be incurred. Parents arriving after 4:10 PM (2:10 PM early release) will need to park and sign their child out.

All students should be picked up within 10 minutes of the end of practice or club. Any student still waiting will fall under the above policy. Siblings of students in clubs and sports must be picked up before 4:10 PM, may enroll in Athenaeum  or incur the late charge.
Family Handbook
Finally, familiarize yourself with the 2020-2021 Family Handbook. Whenever you have questions about procedures, policies, or any sentence beginning with "How would the school handle...?" the Family Handbook is the place to start.