Newsletter| September 13, 2020
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Important Dates
Save the Date for September 17th!
Lakeside's first Curriculum Night will be a virtual event held on the evening of Thursday, September 17th. You will learn more about what we teach and why we teach it, and will be invited to a presentation given by your child's teacher.
What is it?
North Texas Giving Day is a 16-hour long giving event powered by Communities Foundation of Texas on September 17 from 6 am-11:59 pm. When you give on North Texas Giving Day your gift is maximized by the BONUS Funds donated by the event’s corporate sponsors.

How can you help?
Show your support for Great Hearts Lakeside on social media by

  • sharing Lakeside's post on Facebook,

  • becoming a SUPER FAN by creating a FUNdraising page for Lakeside,

  • sharing a picture of your precious scholar and 1-2 sentences about his/her experience at Great Hearts,

  • making a donation of any amount if you are able!

Our Goal
Our goal this year is to raise $21,000! Every single dollar donated directly benefits Lakeside, specifically maintaining our new building and providing benefits for our teachers.

What to Expect
On the day of September 17, expect your social media to filled with Great Hearts Lakeside all day long! Sharing our posts throughout the day would be a huge help to furthering our campaign and helping us reach our goal.
The transformative education offered at Great Hearts Lakeside will only be possible through the generous and passionate commitment of a Parent Service Organization (PSO). All parents/guardians are considered PSO members and all families/loved ones are encouraged to participate in community and faculty support. No matter what your talent or schedule is, your help will make a difference!
Headmaster Cannon will be hosting a virtual PSO Interest meeting on September 24 at 6:00 PM. Please join us to learn more about our PSO! Topics will include: Parent Service Organizations at Great Hearts, GHLS PSO, volunteer opportunities and future PSO plans.
Carpool Reminders
Parents, thank you for your patience as we work through the pickup process in the afternoon. We know that the process has been slow and frustrating for you. Please know that we are doing everything we can to make the experience more efficient and know that the experience will run more smoothly as everyone learns the process in the next few weeks.
Please be sure your child has their mask on, belongings ready, and is ready to exit the car by the time they get to the drop-off zone.

Do not allow students to exit your vehicle until you have reached the fire hydrant.

Staff are not able to unbuckle your student. Please have them unbuckle as you reach the drop off zone.

When you hear the traffic captain say, “Unload”, and you are confident in your child’s ability to exit the vehicle, your child may exit the vehicle on their own.
Please put your visor card clearly on your dashboard or hang it from your rear-view mirror.

  • A hanger on which you can clip your visor cards is helpful.

When your student has been put in the car by a staff member, please take your visor cards down or off the dashboard.

  • If you do not have a new visor card issued on the first day of school, you will need to park and walk in to get your student.

All students will be required to bring a book for independent reading to leave in his or her backpack. This book will be read only during pickup time.

Do not get out of the car for any reason during the pickup process.

  • Staff cannot buckle your student into the car. If you need to buckle your student, please pull into the third lane of traffic and follow directions of the staff.

Please refrain from using your cellphone during pickup so you can focus on following the directions of staff members.

If you choose to walk in to pick up your child,

  • Park on Fox Stem Lane and then walk across the pickup lane in the crosswalk (staff member with Stop sign will assist you).

  • Please make a socially distanced line in front of the flagpole parallel with the sidewalk, and wear your face covering. The staff member there will take your pickup tags. Please wait until your student is brought to you.
Campus Visitors
As we work to maintain the safety of our campus, we are changing the way we allow parents to come to the campus. Please carefully read the policies below, which will be in effect on Monday, September 14:
Early Pick-Up
  • Enter the front doors and wait in the vestibule.

  • Only one parent at a time will be able to enter the vestibule to maintain social distancing protocols.

  • Sign your child out in the provided binder and be prepared to show your identification.

  • When you have finished completing the required fields in the binder, the receptionist will come and take your identification from you.

  • Please wait in the vestibule until your child and your identification is returned to you.
Late Arrival
  • Enter the front doors and wait in the vestibule.

  • Only one parent at a time will be able to enter the vestibule to maintain social distancing protocols.

  • Sign your scholar in the provided binder.

  • Your scholar will then be able to walk to his/her class.
Dropping Off Items
  • If your scholar forgot an item, a lunch or water bottle, for example, you may drop it off on campus and leave it on the table outside.

  • Please be certain it is clearly labeled your scholar’s name and grade level.

  • The table will be checked periodically by front office staff and items will be distributed to scholars.

  • If you need to enter the school for any other reason, please set up an appointment with the front office.
Breakfast and Lunch
Great Hearts Lakeside partners with Preferred Meals for our breakfast and lunch program. All meals are paid for through My Mealtime, and students purchase their meal with their assigned ID number.

If you wish to purchase a meal for your scholar, first set up an account on Mealtime.

  • Your scholar will be able to purchase a meal as long as there is a balance on his or account, and you do not have to notify the school ahead of time regarding what days he or she will eat lunch or breakfast.

If you do not know your lunch number, Add 00 to the 4 digits of your scholar's Google credentials.

  • For example, if the Google credentials were d.ogden1234, the MealTime ID number would be 001234.

If you believe that your scholar will qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch program, please use the links below to apply.

We cannot accept cash or checks for meals. All payments must be made online. We will provide a lunch if your scholar does not have one. Please keep your account current. After your account has reached a negative balance of $10.00, we will provide a substitute meal until your account is up to date.

Distance learning families can continue to pick up food by week as we have done for the past few weeks. A Sign-Up Genius was sent out within the last week to those who to wish to participate.

This program is optional. Scholars are more than welcome to bring their own lunch from home. Refrigeration and microwaves are not available. We ask that you refrain from sending soda, however, sparkling water is acceptable.
Uniform Reminders
The updated uniform policy is here. The policy applies each and every day of school. We will begin to strictly enforce the uniform policy as of Monday, September 14. Any student who is in violation of the uniform policy as of Monday will receive an infraction. After 5 uniform infractions, an after school detention will be issued.

Please remember the following:

  • Shoes must be all black or all white, including the sole. High tops are not allowed.

  • Belts are required for all students wearing shorts or pants in first grade and above.

  • Please remember the pop culture policy. All lunch boxes, water bottles and backpacks must be devoid of popular culture references. Generic images of flowers, spaceships, mermaids, dinosaurs are acceptable.

  • Carefully review the mask policy. Masks should be plain in color or have a non-representational pattern that is repetitive.

  • Masks must not have any words or messages printed on them.

  • Masks cannot have any symbols on them, so masks with crayons, superhero logos, or American flags are not acceptable.
Late Work and Grading Policy
Now that we're settling into a routine and everyone is more familiar with submitting work via Google Classroom, school-wide we will begin enforcing our Late Work Policy. Our grade level teams are checking for any and all missing work assigned on August 19 and onward. You will have until September 14 at 8am to submit any missing work previously assigned. After 8 am, we will dock late points from assignments submitted that day; if the assignment is never submitted, the grade becomes a zero.

Starting on Monday, our campus-wide make-up and late work policies will be implemented for both in-person and distance learning students. If your family has an extenuating circumstance that affects your scholar's school day and work submission, please contact your homeroom Lead teacher.

The parent handbook states the following:
Make-Up Work
If a student misses class for any reason, a teacher may assign make-up work that incorporates the instructional objectives for the class and that will assist the student to master the essential knowledge and skills necessary to meet subject or course

Teachers are not required to provide lesson plans, assignments, or any other materials before a student leaves for a planned or unplanned unexcused absence, although it may be provided, at the discretion of the teacher and the school administration. However, please note that some portion of the work students complete each day is done within the learning community of the classroom, and that all classwork and participation activities and assignments are often not able to be recreated for student credit. Classwork that is missed due to an unexcused absence will result in a zero.

Students are responsible for obtaining and completing the make-up work in a satisfactory manner and within the time specified by the teacher if the teacher has determined to assign it. Make-up work in this context is distinct from “extra credit”, which is not assigned.

  • Unexcused absences may result in zeros for many class activities that cannot be recreated.

  • Students have one calendar day for each day missed to complete any work or assignment that was missed.

  • Tests, quizzes and exit tickets that are missed should be made up on the day of return as arranged by the teacher.

The late policy will take effect as soon as students have reached the number of "make up days" allotted.

  • 10% off if not turned in the morning the day it is due

  • 50% off if turned in 24 hrs late

  • 75% off if turned in 48 hrs late

  • 0% after 48 hrs late
Should your scholar need medications to be kept and administered at school, you must bring in the medication yourself and sign a medication authorization form. Please do not send medications to school with your student, regardless of age or grade.

All medications must have a doctor's prescription (even over the counter meds.) Over the counter medications can have written doctor's orders regarding the administration of the medication. A faxed order will also suffice. For prescription medications, the original pharmacy label and container must be sent. We cannot accept medication that has been transferred to a different container. Expired medications cannot be administered.

If you have further questions, contact Nurse Tucker at
Registration for Athenaeum is open! 

Our team is diligently preparing for a safe return to programs when academies return to in-person learning, and we are excited to welcome our scholars back!

To register or find more information on our pricing and options, click here.

For further questions or if you believe you may qualify for financial assistance for the 2020-21 school year, please contact Kayley Walker, our Campus Coordinator at 
Home Screening and Re-Entry Qualifications
We are doing everything we can to slow the spread of COVID-19 so that we can keep our doors open. We are asking everyone to conduct a home screening every day before they come on arrive on campus.
Please review and print out the Student Home Screen and the Re-Entry Criteria documents.
Family Handbook
Finally, familiarize yourself with the 2020-2021 Family Handbook. Whenever you have questions about procedures, policies, or any sentence beginning with "How would the school handle...?" the Family Handbook is the place to start.