The threat of COVID-19 and the uncertainty it has caused are likely to have severe effects on Lakeside this summer. It's going to be a difficult summer ahead, and we cannot expect a traditional Lakeside experience this year.
Lakeside needs your help to protect the future of our beloved Chautauqua community. Your investment in the Lakeside mission today helps preserve the Lakeside experience for tomorrow and future generations.

Establishing a monthly gift allows you to give in manageable increments through convenient automatic deductions from your credit card, debit card or checking account.

No matter the size of your gift, support from Lakesiders like you during these uncertain times will help us persevere and carry on. Monthly gifts also make it easy to reach a higher level of support without giving one large gift at year-end.
Stand with fellow Lakesiders to provide much-needed financial support by giving a one-time gift today or committing a monthly gift to the Lakeside Annual Fund .
This is an unusual time in the world and at Lakeside, and we need your help .

Roughly 72% of Lakeside’s funding comes in from April-August. Budgeted revenue for this year from all attendance-related activities, including season passes, daily gates fees, parking, hotels, groups and event fees, totaled $5.8 million. Lakeside is expecting attendance-related revenue with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic to be less than half of what was budgeted.

Therefore, Lakeside is challenging 200 friends and families to unite and support the Annual Fund this fiscal year by committing a monthly gift . Thirty-two generous Lakesiders have already stepped up to the challenge! Will you stand with fellow Lakesiders and help bridge this gap by committing a monthly gift to the Lakeside Annual Fund?
For more ways to give to Lakeside, visit our  How to Give page .  You'll find information about donating online , mailing a check, giving a donation over the phone, using an employer's matching gift program or giving in honor or memory of a loved one.
Thank you! Your collective support as a community will make a significant impact at Lakeside today, tomorrow and for future generations.
H ave you purchased your
Season or Daily Chautauqua Pass/Parking?
If you already purchased passes at the original prices, please consider donating the difference back to Lakeside, or if you wish, you may receive a refund by gift card. To donate the difference, contact the Advancement Office at (419) 798-4461, ext. 246. To receive a refund by gift card, contact the Administration Office at (419) 798-4461 after June 1. Visit for more details.
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