While we can’t get out to socialize and shop at the Lago Vista Farmer’s Market in person due to COVID-19, did you know that you can have the same great offerings delivered to your home?
The Lago Vista Farmer’s Market is also offering a
What a great way to get organic Pink Lady apples, strawberries, avocados, mangos, Brussels sprouts, and oranges with ease close by.
Also available are household cleaners, plants, seeds, body care
items, meat, fish and more!

The Drive-Through Market is available on
Sundays from 12-3 p.m.
The North Shore Beacon recently shared a wonderful story from Anne Ochoa regarding Keep Lago Vista Beautiful earning a grant from the Texas Native Plant Society to install a butterfly garden in the Lago Vista Municipal Sports Complex.
According to the story, the grant is part of a program called
“Bring Back the Monarchs to Texas”. 
The grant will provide Keep Lago Vista Beautiful with $400 to purchase and install native flowers such as milkweed, pollinator, and nectar plants, that are particularly attractive to Monarch butterflies passing through the Hill Country on their migrations in the spring and fall.
“When the garden is complete, signs will provide names and background of the plants, making it a source of information for those in the area who want to create butterfly gardens on their property. We can each help return the threatened Monarch population to a better normal.”
The story continued by providing an update that the spring planting of the garden is complete, with more varieties of milkweed
and pollinators to be added in the fall.
This designation is open to all who meet the criteria of
the Monarch Watch at MonarchWatch.org/waystations.
 Or guests can simply look for the butterflies.
If you would like to become involved with
 Keep Lago Vista Beautiful,
the organization meets on the second Thursday of the month
at 2 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Lago Vista City Hall. 

You can also follow them on F acebook wo
or visit their website at www.KLVB.org.

You have teleworked while keeping your kids engaged and learning,
teaching social distancing and implementing hand-washing routines
that would make a surgeon proud. 

You have helped your students with subjects you don’t even remember from school and have participated in more Google Meets that you can count –
all while monitoring snack consumption so that you
aren’t out of food in three days. 

We see you. We appreciate you. #WeAllRow
Lago Vista ISD has been implementing distance learning since April 20.
For those who may not already have it handy, please keep an eye
on the district’s Learning Supports website.

The District is providing students with instructional continuity and student engagement through optional learning supports that may be accessed by students and families through the end of the school year.
refers to teacher-curated resources and optional activities that
the District has made available to parents and students. 

These supports are intended to help students maintain and extend the
learning that has taken place this school year