Exciting News from our Partnering Missionaries!
Praise Reports from the Mission Field During This Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • NEW MEXICO - Home Missionaries Ray and Deborah Miller (Training) praise God for providing a building in which to hold their English as a Second Language Training this Fall after completing some minor repairs and cleaning on the building. This training class will bring the students into regular contact with the church, build relationships that lead to sharing of the Gospel, commitment to Christ, discipleship and having a church home!! Thank you Lakeside family!!
  • Philippines - Missionary Ruth Clark (Serving) joyfully reports the spiritual journey of Emerose, a young lady who was her student at the Immanuel Bible School in 1978. Emerose accepted Jesus at age 14 in Panay, an island in the Philippines. Following the call to ministry God put on her life, she enrolled at Immanuel Bible School and was mentored by Ruth Clark, her teacher. Today, Emerose is a Pastor, National Royal Ranger Commander, and Cebu District Christian Education Director. Emerose's ministry has impacted countless lives. She has, in turn, spiritually mentored many children and trained leaders throughout the Philippines for Jesus! Thank you Lakeside for your support, it really makes a difference!
  • Tanzania - Sam Johnson of Priority One reports the five-story facility pictured here will be home to the newly established African Continental Theological Seminary on the campus of Central Bible College in Dodoma, Tanzania. Incredible revival is currently sweeping this nation, where there are more churches than pastors. This new seminary will equip men and women to be Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries and Teachers to reach, teach, and keep Tanzania for Christ! Thank you Lakeside!
  • Uruguay - Missionaries Trent and Tina Morrow (Reaching) joyfully report the completed remodeling of the first Christian barracks in a Uruguay prison. There has never been one before! Trent also helped Teen Challenge in Uruguay, building a pasta factory for the Women's Center, so the women can learn a skill to help them support themselves after leaving the Program. Additionally, Teen Challenge has a farm that is helping the center be self-sufficient! Thank you Lakeside for your prayers and support!
  • Latin America - Missionary Damien Zinicola / Church Planting - reports an initiative the national AG in Cuba announced a year ago to plant 100 new house churches in each of the 5 Districts across the island. Currently, there have been 116 new church congregations started in the western district, utilizing homes such as the one pictured here to hold their services in. Thank you Lakeside for your support!
Prayer Requests from the Mission Field
  • Germany - Missionaries Paul and Mechthild Clark/ Church Planting - are requesting prayer for their planted church in Bregenz, Austria as they initiate home group services, that those attending the services would come to Christ, and their numbers would increase so that another church plant could be made in the area.
  • Latin America - Missionaries Randy and Becky Young / Reaching In these days of the Covid pandemic, concerns run deep for the physical, emotional and financial well-being of people. But there is another deep concern -- the Spiritual impact and challenging effect the pandemic is having on the advancement of the Gospel. Dozens of missionaries are stuck stateside and cannot get visas to get into the lands of their calling, hindering the Gospel push into unreached areas where the church does not yet exist. Randy and Becky request prayer for those struggling and suffering at home and abroad. Please also pray that this pandemic not be a tool of the enemy to hinder people and peoples from receiving the message of salvation. Pray for unconventional access and advancement strategies for the Gospel.

  • Eurasia - Missionaries Joshua and Amber Payne / Reaching - are requesting prayer for Amber's recuperation from surgery.

  • Latin America - Missionary Damien Zinicola / Church Planting - In 2015, God’s vision to expand the presence of churches in the hundreds of unreached Mayan villages in Guatemala was revealed to Damien Zinicola. The relational groundwork has been laid and the first training of Cuban Church Planters is on the horizon. He asks for prayer for all of the leadership involved, to confirm their involvement in this collaborative effort to reach the lost Mayan people.
How can I Serve in World Outreach?
There are many ways to serve missions....

  • Pray for our supported missionaries and ministries, especially in these COVID-19 times.
  • Be a part of IMPACT, our Wednesday ministry to the needy and hurting! Contact Chuck Rockwell or Ruth Bowman in the church office (586-726-1120) for more information.
Missions - Giving Report
Lakeside's 2020 World Outreach Faith Promise Giving Need is: $190,000.

Our 2020 World Outreach Faith Promise Giving to date - $109,761.24
(as of August 31, 2020).

Praise The Lord! Thank You Lakeside!
How Should I Pray?
For our Missionaries

  • Pray for the protection and provision of our Missionaries around the world in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic that is still in effect.

  • Pray for the United States of America for God's Justice and God's Peace to prevail.
For the Nations of the World

  • for government officials to make decisions benefiting the ministry and outreach work of our missionaries,
  • for a hedge of protection from Satanic attacks against our missionaries, their ministries and Christian Nationals,
  • for a Spirit-empowered revival to flood the nations!