January 22, 2020

Lakeview & Lakeview East Business Social

Join the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce and the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce at Lucky Strike Social for a co-hosted business social! We'll have drinks, apps, and games for all to enjoy, PLUS mingle with fellow Lakeview business merchants. 

This event is FREE for members of the Lakeview and Lakeview East Chambers.
Nonmembers can register for just $10.

Tuesday, February 11th
Lucky Strike Social
1027 W Addison

Mardi Gras Social & Supper at Nola Bar & Kitchen
Celebrate Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras a week early at the official New Orleans' bar in Wrigleyville,  Nola Bar & Kitchen , on  Tuesday, February 18th at 7pm .

We'll enjoy 3 courses of delicious New Orleans style favorites along with a complimentary cocktail.  Tickets are just $37 and members can bring as many guests as they like at membership pricing!  Feel free to stay after the event to enjoy all things NOLA and Mardi Gras!

*Visit  LakeviewSupperClub.com/Join  to sign up for membership. After signing up, you will receive an email with ticket purchasing instructions.

  • Starters (Choose 1): Gumbo, Jambalaya, or Fried Pickles
  • Main Course (Choose 1): New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp (with sides), Blackened White Bass (with sides), or Southern Plate Deluxe (Andouille Sausage, Southern Fried Chicken, & Fried Shrimp; with sides
  • Dessert: Beignets
  • Cocktails (Choose 1): Hurricane or Hand Grenade
The 2019-2020 Private Event Space Guide
 Browse the interactive Lakeview Private Event Space Guide online  here  and find the perfect location for your next special event.

2937 N. Clark 

Ama La Vida is an innovative career, life, health and leadership coaching company with a mission to help people love what they do. We help our clients love their lives and not have to wait until they get home from work to start doing so. We help you craft your own vision for success and find work that's personally fulfilling and aligned with who you are.  We have a team of the nation's top certified coaches, and so we ensure that you are paired with the coach who is the best fit for you. Join them for their Grand Opening on February 20th. Get your FREE TICKETS here.

2920 N. Lincoln

dSPACE Studio is an award-winning architecture firm dedicated to architecture, interiors, and landscape. They are based in Chicago and their work takes them across the United States and beyond. Project types include residential and commercial, with a focus on urban dwellings, vacation homes, and unique business spaces. Located on Lincoln Avenue, they value their local Lakeview neighborhood. "We chose this site to bring architecture into the neighborhood, emphasizing the concept that good design is a part of everyday life," says owner and principal Kevin Toukoumidis.

3519 N. Clark

Since 1947 Kilwins has been a celebrated part of Americana having earned a reputation for providing high quality chocolates, ice cream, and confections combined with excellent service. Our heritage was built on the simple premise of creating our products from the finest ingredients and providing customers with great service. Today we continue the tradition by uniquely combining high quality products with a warm friendly customer experience, which is supported through a successful community of caring owner operators. We continue to offer the very best Confections and Ice Cream that are hand-made in our kitchen, fresh from premium ingredients and original recipes.

3159 N. Broadway

Come try the newest pizzeria and cocktail bar in Lakeview East. Roebuck Pizza makes Neapolitan-style, wild-fermented pizzas from a wood-fired oven. Plenty of pizza options that are sure to please the whole crew. Enjoy the seasonal craft cocktails or house-brewed beers in a hip, neighborhood-feel restaurant.

941 W. Grace

With a creative mind, a degree in Art & Design and a passion for turning other peoples ideas into reality, Michele is ready to help you give life to your vision.  Whether it be t-shirts for a team or fundraiser, promotional items for an event, invitations or announcements... Shel-Shocked Designs can be your "one-stop shop" for everything to put you at ease! Visit the website to to browse or sign up to attend a DIY class to learn some skills and see your vision come to life! 
Businesses Opening Soon in Lakeview East!
Black & Caspian 2908 N. Broadway  NEW!
Little Barn Apothecary - 3341 N. Broadway
Breakfast House  - 3928 N. Sheridan
Kilwins -  3519 N. Clark  OPEN NOW!
CMX: The Cinema Experience1027 W. Addison   
CVS - 1035 W. Addison
Cuddle Bunny  - 2901 N. Clark
Dance on Broadway  - 3168 N. Broadway
Cumin - 1039 W. Belmont Ave
Everbrook Academy  538 W. Diversey Pkwy
Lakeview East & Wrigleyville Banner  Sponsorship
The Lakeview East Street Pole Banners are located throughout the District are still available for sponsorship. Banners are located on Broadway, Clark, Belmont, Addison and Diversey. Chamber members and local businesses have the opportunity to sponsor new banners or renew your current banner sponsorship at a discounted rate. 

Wrigleyville Area Banners:
New Banner Sponsorship (per banner):
- Lakeview East Chamber Members - $500 each
- Non-Members - $1,000 each

Surrounding Lakeview East Area Banners:
New Banner Sponsorship (per banner):
- Lakeview East Chamber Members - $250 each
- Non-Members - $400 each

Please contact our office for more information  by calling 773-348-8608.

The Lakeview East area is bustling with new development.  For development projects visit our website  here.

  Sewer Main Replacement Project#7322

In mid-February, Department of Water Management (DWM) crews will begin to install 840 feet of new 24- inch sewer main in W Barry Ave from N Broadway to 200' east of N Pine Grove Ave. The old sewer main needs to be replaced to create a more reliable and efficient system.
Automatic Email Updates
To receive automatic email updates about the progress of the project, please go to BuildingANewChicago.org to register. Simply enter your name, email address and the project identification number found at the top of this letter. Be sure to respond to the verification email you receive in order to get the updates. Your information will not be shared or used again.
You will be notified as the project enters each new construction phase - from our mobilization of equipment onto the site, to the installation of new pipes, to the final restoration of the street.
What You Need to Know During Construction
  • Traffic: If we need to close or limit traffic during construction for safety reasons, you will always be able to reach your home or business on foot. Outside of working hours, a travel lane will be left open for local traffic only.
  • Parking: We will post "No Parking" signs as needed during work hours (generally 7am-4pm). Parking outside of those hours will be allowed, but cars will need to be moved by the start of the next workday. We will try to preserve as much parking space as possible.
  • Service transfers: We will give you 24-hour notice when we will have to temporarily interrupt water service to transfer water to the new main and you will need to start flushing your watersystem (instructions on reverse). However, in the event of an emergency shutdown during construction, we may not be able to give you prior warning.
DWM does not assume responsibility for damage to privately installed parkway improvements, including sprinkling systems, fences, flower beds and shrubbery

Questions: Should you have any questions or concerns, you can call any of the following numbers:
  • 24-Hour Service and Information Line:311
  • 44th Ward Office:773-525-6034
  • DWM Office of Public Affairs: 312-744-6635
What You Need to Know Following Construction
Work involving the water system like sewer main installation or repairs can dislodge small particles of contaminants, including lead, which can affect your drinking water. Ingesting lead can have significant health risks. For more information about the health effects of lead, go to www.CDC.gov/nceh/lead or www.epa.gov/lead/learn-about-lead.

Use Recommended Flushing Practices
Studies show that flushing water through your pipes is an effective approach to lowering lead levels and exposure. Detailed instructions for intensive flushing following sewer main work are enclosed.
Register for Free Filter Set
Out of our commitment to providing our residents with the highest quality water, the Department of Water Management is offering single family houses and buildings with two apartments a free water filter set- a pitcher and six cartridges NSF-certified to remove lead if any is present in drinking water. Buildings with three or more apartments are not eligible at this time.
Please visit   www.chicagowaterquality.orgtoday and register for your free water filter set. Enter your address and zip code and the set will be shipped to you completely free.
Possible Tree Removal
DWM does everything possible to preserve trees when doing infrastructure work. However, due to IEPA regulations concerning the separation of underground infrastructure and public safety concerns should a tree become unstable because of underground work, it is sometimes necessary to remove trees. In consultation with the Department of Streets and Sanitation's Forestry Division, we make the decision on tree removal on a situational basis. You will be notified in advance if it will be necessary to remove trees during this project.

1.8.2020 - Update from the development team:

Height and Density Revisions
  • Eliminated one residential floor, reducing the height of the building from 8 floors to 7 floors
  • Residential building height reduced from 82' to 75'
  • Height of the elevator overrun (tallest portion of the building) decreased from 103' to 93' and is only 205 square feet
  • Number of residential units reduced by more than 15% from 246 to 208 units
  • Increased vehicle parking ratio to .45 spaces per unit
  • Increased bicycle parking from 129 to 208
  • Along Broadway Street and Cornelia Avenue, reduced amount of glass exterior and created a brick base of the building
  • Added additional and enlarged terraces along Broadway Street facade given that facade has been brought to the property line
  • Set the building back at the fifth floor on Broadway Street, ranging from 13'1" to 48'7"
  • Created a series of terraces along Cornelia Avenue to further set back the building
  • Per neighbors' request, added a 5' high brick privacy wall on the second floor at the western boundary of the development along the community and private terraces
  • Per neighbors' request, changed ground floor exterior material along western façade to brick from concrete
Layout Revisions
  • Increased westernmost setback from 6'11" to 25'
  • Revisions to building amenity plans have reduced size of the proposed interior atrium
Public Benefits
  • Reconfigured building entrance to be further east and accessible via Broadway Street to reduce pedestrian and vehicular traffic on Cornelia Avenue
  • Per neighbor's request, relocated most mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment from west side of building to south side of building, away from residential neighbors
  • Elimination of three (3) existing curb cuts on Broadway Street to encourage further pedestrian use on block and addition of two (2) parking spaces on Broadway Street
  • We will provide pedestrian countdown and LED signals at intersection of Broadway Streets and Cornelia Avenue
  • Recessed loading zones into the property to further reduce any potential impact on traffic and eliminate need for vehicles to back up onto Broadway Street
Ground Level/Commercial Space Revisions
  • Increased commercial space from 8,880 square feet to 13,814 square feet, with commercial space now comprising 20% of overall lot area
  • Adjusted commercial space layout to abut property line to comply with existing Pedestrian Retail Street designation for block
  • Awnings have been incorporated to commercial space to enhance consistency with nearby commercial structures
  • Glass used on Broadway Street commercial façade will include retractable glass walls allowing for indoor/outdoor connections for commercial space
Rooftop Revisions
  • Relocated pool and spa from Broadway Street elevation and now located closer to southern property line

Storefront Opportunities

Are you or anyone you know, looking to move their business to Lakeview East? You can view Storefront Opportunities on our website here!

Chicago Census 2020
The City of Chicago is committed to helping every Chicagoan participate in the 2020 Census, it is important that everyone is represented and has the chance at being so. See below for some opportunities regarding the 2020 Census and how you can be involved.
  • In advance of the 2020 Census, the U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting thousands of people for temporary jobs across the country.
  • The temporary positions include: Census Takers, Census Field Supervisors, Recruiting Assistants, Office Operations Supervisor.
  • Candidates must complete an online job application; The application includes assessment questions about education, work, and other experience.
  • Positions for the 2020 Census are located throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.
  • Pay rates can vary by position and location; Find the pay rates in your area using the interactive map.
Visit the Census website here or email  census@cityofchicago.org for even more information. #ChiCounts2020

Construction has begun for the five year phase of the RPM project.  To find out more about this project please visit the RPM website hereThe modernization project has many steps, and it is important to know when and how you or your business may be affected.  Sign up for construction impact alerts in your community  here
ChibizHub is an online platform build by the City of Chicago to help connect small businesses with service providers.
19th District Community Alternative Policing Strategies (CAPS)

The 44th Ward is served by the 19th District (bounded by Lawrence, Lake Shore Drive, Fullerton, and the Chicago River). Each police district is divided in beats, and each beat has a team of beat officers assigned to it. Police representatives from these teams and local community leaders conduct the CAPS meetings. For more information on CAPS, visit the Chicago Police Department's web page,  How CAPS Works

Upcoming CAPS Meetings:


Welcome to the Belmont Theater District - Chicago's Largest Theater District

Just minutes from downtown in Chicago's Lakeview and Lakeview East neighborhoods, the Belmont Theater District is home to more than 50 theaters and hundreds of shops and restaurants within a short walking distance. 

From world-class theater to Chicago-style comedy and everything in between, there's always a seat waiting for you at the 100+ shows playing every week in the Belmont Theater District-Chicago's largest theater district.

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Chicago City Day School invites high-achieving students to apply for our Trustees Merit Scholarship. 

The Qualifying Exam will be administered on Saturday, Jan. 25, and it is open to all students who are new to Chicago City Day School and will enter grades 3 through 7 next school year. This a great opportunity for young people who can thrive in a school environment that is uniquely rigorous and compassionate. Register today at chicagocitydayschool.org.
Chicago City Day School is located at 541 W. Hawthorne Place in the Belmont Harbor neighborhood.



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