Dear Beloved Lakewood:

I continue to be astonished by God through you. How, you might ask? Lakewood takes care of our neighbors. It continues to amaze me how we care. Here are several recent ways. 

We surpassed our goal of collecting 2,020 pounds of food in 2 days for UCOM. We collected 2,200 pounds safely in 2 days. There were over 100 hours of service. We finished several weeks of providing soup for several emergency rooms in the area. There were over 300 hours of service done during this time. This is what we do. We exist as a Jesus-centered community to share God's transforming love to change the world.

Lakewood takes care of our neighbors.

There is another way that Lakewood takes care of our neighbors. We continue to take care of our neighbors by loving them as we love ourselves. We share God's transforming love by worshiping online to protect each other. We may not be at risk, but our neighbors might be. We do this by social distancing, wearing masks, washing our hands, and in other ways.

I recognize that this comes at a cost for us all. I know that it is hard to be separated from each other. We all want to be together again. As we share the transforming love of God, we can endure the cost to protect our neighbor. This is what Lakewood does. This is what disciples of Jesus do.

We received guidance from the Bishop and cabinet as to worship. Per the Bishop and cabinet, we will continue to worship online until June 15th. This date will be reevaluated as we approach it. There continues to be updated information from medical professionals, our government, and the Bishop's office.

We also receive guidance regarding relaunch. This is a relaunch towards opening the church. We are forming a team to provide guidance for Lakewood. Our first meeting is on Monday evening. It is anticipated that the relaunch will consist of phases and a slow introduction back to full participation. So stay connected as to the relaunch information.
Lakewood takes care by loving our neighbor as ourselves.
Lakewood cares,
Pastor Don

Lakewood United Methodist Church 
6133 San Jose Blvd.  (904) 733-8477