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Lakewood Yacht Club Hosted Advanced Sea Scout Leadership Course in July
Seabrook, TX: Six Sea Scouts participated in this year's Sea Experience Advanced Leadership (SEAL) Training, the highest-level leadership course in Sea Scouting.  

"In my opinion, this National Sea Scout Leadership course is the best in all of scouting," says Ship 468 Skipper Rob Freas. "It meets a rank requirement of Quartermaster, the highest rank in Sea Scouting." 

Attendees were taught several modules during their 10-day "at sea" experience. Each module is related to a specific leadership skill with exercises designed to show mastery of the concepts taught while under the leadership of the boatswain of the day. 

This year's candidates came from Texas and Alabama, though previous years have seen scouts from as far away as California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

SEAL participants must have basic seamanship skills, be intimately familiar with the Safety & Seamanship section of the Sea Scout Manual and must be able to perform basic coastal navigation on paper and be able to tie all knots required for Apprentice Sea Scout and Ordinary Sea Scout ranks. They must also be familiar with the nomenclature of a sailing vessel, know and understand helm commands and points of relative bearings.

"The expectation is that at the end of the week, the scouts will have experienced being part of a high-performing team, realize what they are truly capable of, and will have developed the leadership and team-building skills needed to lead their ship (Sea Scout unit) to better and greater program opportunities," added Freas.

Visit the Youth Training and Education section of the Sea Scout website for more information about the program. 

Lakewood supports Sea Scouts by hosting Ship 468 vessels as well as its programs and meetings in the Club's Power Squadron building.

"Our Club is honored to be associated with Sea Scouts, and to host learning opportunities for these youths in their pursuit to become better sailors as well as leaders," says LYC Fleet Captain Mike Downs.
Photo of course participants provided by Ship 468 Skipper Rob Freas
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