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Lampe Berger Paris
has become...
In celebrating their 120th anniversary Lampe Berger has changed their name to reflect their expansion in scented products - Maison Berger

There is much to talk about - for those who don't own products, and f or those who do. This newsletter has lots of great information about what's new in Lampe Berger as well as introducing an expanded collection of aromatherapy, diffusers, candles and car fragrancing.

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Did you know that Crafted Decor contains the largest Maison Berger Boutique in Canada? It has consistently been a top seller; owing to the fact that customers introduced to the beauty and functionality of Lampe Berger go on to tell their friends and family about it. You can't beat word-of-mouth referrals - so thank you for that.

Since its' launch in 1898, Lampe Berger Paris has maintained all its production in France and has been dedicated to:
  • Purifying the air
  • Destroying undesirable odours
  • Diffusing long-lasting fragrance​​

In the 15+ years we have been carrying Lampe Berger, there is more and more awareness of the importance of environmentally friendly products and how chemicals used in the home affects indoor air quality; making Lampe Berger as relevant today as it was 120 years ago. In Europe, the name Lampe Berger is synonymous with quality, and quality fragrance and they have continued to be a prestigious brand for 120 years.

Because of this reputation in Europe, a few years ago, Lampe Berger began offering other scented products that discerning customers knew they could trust; using the quality fragrances they have developed. They expanded into reed diffusers, candles, and aromatherapy. Now, in celebrating 120 years in business they decided to change the name of the company to encompass all they do in home fragrance. Lampe Berger has become Maison Berger which reflects their reputation of being

"the house of home fragrance"

Take a look at their evolution since 1898...
Lamps & Fuel
10 Reasons Why You Should Own a Lamp
  1. While burning, the Lampe Berger fuel generates a natural ozone in the air, removing bacteria and preventing illness.
  2. Breaks down second-hand smoke, removing it from the air.
  3. Kills dust mites.
  4. Prevents mold growth.
  5. Removes cooking and bathroom smells as well as pet odours from the air.
  6. Releases negative ions, which strengthens the immune system.
  7. Repels insects.
  8. Removes airborne dust.
  9. Can kill fleas.
  10. Pet-friendly.

This was featured in an article. Click here to read more.
Crafted Decor carries the largest selection of Berger lamps you will find. From modern to traditional and everything in between. The hardest part is finding which lamp best suits your space.
NEW Lamps
These two lamps below are called the Haussmann lamp. It is inspired by Parisian architecture, its decorated and elaborate building facades, with moldings and ornate balconies.
Selected Lamps 50% OFF
While Quantities Last
**Some of these lamps are retired and are no longer available for order**
How To Light Your Berger Lampe
Fuel Fragrances
Crafted Decor carries the entire selection of Maison Berger's fragrance collection for the Lamps. Extracted from plants, m any scents carry properties for better health.
Ocean Breeze
Helps improve memory. It is also anti-bacteria and anti-stress.
Lavender Fields
Helps ease insomnia, relaxes you and lowers your blood pressure.
Green Chai
Helps with relaxation, relieves tension, pain, and muscle spasms along with easing stress.
Fresh Eucalyptus
Helps with sinus problems, respiratory illnesses, and is a bacteria buster. Can alleviate the symptoms of the flu and asthma.
Amber Powder
Helps prevent aging, rejuvenates cells, and relieves stress.
Mystery Patchouli
Therapeutic, helping with depression and relieving stress.
To know more, check out this article.
New Scents
Maison Berger has introduced many wonderful fragrances that reflect the fall and holiday season - some new, and some returning.
Winter Joy
Dry Fruits
Exquisite Sparkle
Festive Fir
Holiday Spice
Pumpkin Delight
Trio Packs for Fall and Winter
Trio packs are great if you are interested in trying out different scents without the commitment of buying a full bottle.
Fuels Include: Pumpkin Delight, Dried Fruits, and By The Fireside
Fuels Include: Winter Joy, Festive Fir, Holiday Spice
Gift Sets
Exquisite Sparkle Gift Set

Maison Berger's gift sets have always been a top seller - especially during holiday season. These gift sets include a limited edition Smoke or Gold Lampe, in an elegant gift box, and include a 180mL seasonal fragrance - Exquisite Sparkle. This invigorating fragrance blends aromas of champagne and grapefruit with floral notes, a fragrance of celebration suited perfectly to the holiday season.
$58+tax (while quantities last)
Lolita Lempicka
The Designer Collection
Lolita Lempicka is a French fashion designer and a well known perfumer who has collaborated with Maison Berger creating a beautiful scent everyone can enjoy. The lamp inspiration came from her original design from Lolita's highly successful perfume bottle. This is a very exclusive and limited collection that is not available everywhere.
Lolita's fragrance and design is also available in diffusion
Crafted Decor Fuel Club

Join our exclusive fuel club 
and for every 10 bottles of fuel purchased*,
your 11th one is FREE 
(500ml of your choice)
It is our way for saying "thank you" 
for buying fuel at Crafted Decor 

    *Does not include fuel bought on sale*

Continuous Fragrance Diffusers
Enjoy your favourite Lamp scent in a continuous diffuser.
  • Made in France with the same high standards as Lampe Berger.
  • Perfect for your own home or to give as a hostess gift or housewarming gift.
  • Able to change intensity by removing or adding the black diffusing sticks

Run out of your favourite scent?
Refill fragrances and replacement diffusion sticks are also available.

Also available in seasonal fragrance -Festive Fir

  1. Turn your twigs regularly to reactivate the fragrance
  2. Use new twigs for each new fragrance (replacement twigs available)

reed diffuser
Do you have a particular odour you're constantly fighting against?
These effective formulation diffusers are able to combat specific unwanted odours. There is one for pets, tobacco, bathroom, and kitchen.

Scented Bouquets
If you don't like the look of a regular diffuser, these bouquets are absolutely beautiful and functional. By placing diffuser fragrance into the bottle of the bouquet, the fragrance will saturate the porous flower petals releasing continuous fragrance.

Scented Candles
Now you can enjoy your favourite Lamp Berger scent in a luxury candle
100% natural, hand poured candle in an elegant lacquered glass with black interior, 100% vegetable wax scented candle (coconut wax).

  • Clean-burning, organic cotton wick
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Vegan-friendly production

Fragrances created by French master perfumers and expertly measured to ensure a clean and homogeneous combustion

Car Diffusers
Car diffusers completely sell out each Christmas. They are a useful, and high quality gift for a men, clients, and as a stocking stuffer.
The diffusers have been completely redesigned with a more attractive diffuser that is refillable (making them more environmentally friendly). If synthetic scented car diffusers have been a problem for you, then THIS is finally a quality alternative. A wide array of scents are available:

Aromatherapy (happy, energy)
Zest of Verbena,
Ocean Breeze, 
Oriental Star, 
Precious Jasmine,
Anti - Odour (tobacco, pet)
Exquisite Sparkle
Anti-tobacco diffuser

Aromatherapy Collection
The new Aroma Collection consists of three fragrances created accordingly to a patented and certified protocol which has beneficial effects on the emotions.
Available in candles and diffusers
Relax - Oriental Comfort
A feminine, amber and delicately powdery fragrance, particularly for relaxation and well-being.
  • Patchouli reduces nervous tension and stress
  • Gaiac Wood anti-depressant and stimulating virtues
Energy - Sparkling Zest
A fresh and sparkling fragrance, for an invigorating and energizing atmosphere.
  • Grapefruit helps to create positivity, imparts enthusiasm and reduces anguish and anxiety
Happy - Aquatic Freshness
A fresh and floral fragrance with a sunny facet evoking joy
  • Clove tones, boosts morale and physical health and releases blocked energy

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