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The Lampstand                                  April  2020
Our Mission
UELC's Mission:

To Embrace and Share the Love of God in Jesus Christ, as the Holy Spirit Empowers us.

UELC's Guiding Principles:
Jesus is our Lord and Saviour; therefore, we are to:

> Worship God in inspiring, diverse, and creative ways
> Be a community engaged in spiritual practices that attune us to the Holy Spirit's guidance for our living
> Welcome all people in their diversity to worship, learn, and serve with us
> Be a safe place to learn, explore, and debate
> Be generous stewards of the gifts God has given each of us to bless others and care for the natural world
> Continue outreach to, and further develop connections with, the academic communities of Alachua County
> Affirm human rights and work for social justice

Pastor's Corner  
Council President's Report    
The church council was scheduled to meet on Tuesday, March 17 th but the meeting was cancelled due to the COVID-19 isolation recommendations. The council is in the process of planning a Zoom meeting during the month of April.

During this unprecedented time, all council members have been assigned a "phone tree" to stay in touch and check in with our fellow congregational members. This outreach connection may be through email or telephonically. There are some members of our congregation who do not utilize the internet for communication, and it is important to reach out to those members via the telephone.

Although we are not gathering regularly for worship during this time, the church continues to have financial obligations that must be met. If possible, please consider setting up an electronic funds transfer or simply mail your pledged offering checks to the church office. The office staff is continuing to work and will be able to make the appropriate deposits.

I will close by sharing something I read this week. "As we struggle to keep a safe physical distance from both strangers and loved ones...being physically present...can never replace the emotional and spiritual presence that is at the heart of "being with" another person. Indeed, what we all need and what each of us can provide to another human being is our desire to be present and our recognition of the privilege it is to share the burdens we all carry during this challenging time." -Henry Freeman

Becky Borgert
Continued Suspension of Services    
UELC People
April Birthdays  

4/15        Kathy Brill
4/15      Richard Dienhart
4/19      Sam Brill
4/21      Jim Yale
4/21      Evan Griswold
4/22      Stephan Jahn
4/23      Vibeke Vala
4/27      Seth Borgert
4/30      Ronald Gordon
Continued Prayer Concerns
  -  Prayers for healing: Agnes Martinson, Lois Wilkowske, Dutch Schirmer, Ron and B everly Gronwall, Les O'Brien
Finances Update   

Members that wish to submit their offerings may do so in a couple of ways. You may send your check to either UELC office or mail them to me at 8520 SW 99th Place, 32608. Either way I will get them to the bank. Since there is no cash to be counted, it is appropriate that we don't need two counters, as we normally have. In addition to the deposit book entries, each check is photocopied for our records and accountability.

Jim Yale

Family Promise Update   

Four families, two of which we hosted in February, are safe and healthy in various shelter situations. Jayne and staff at Family Promise of Gainesville practically moved mountains to adjust to this current crisis. How do those without a home,  shelter in place ? How can a program fueled by volunteers adapt to keep  all families in the community safe?
Where are the families now?
Gethsemane Lutheran hosted families in the week prior to Mar. 22 when the families moved into various other shelters as the rotating church shelter program was suspended.
  • Two smaller families are being housed in hotel rooms (Marsaya and daughter is one family). The hotel is located near a bus line and Publix.
  • One family is staying in an apartment owned now by Family Promise.
  • One family is living in another apartment, provided through July as a donation from Trimark Properties. This is Janice with her five boys, one of whom needs a kidney transplant. Getting this family into long term stable housing will get her son number 3 on a transplant list.
Hospitality distancing
Needless to say, housing families in hotels and apartments is a burdensome expense even for an organization with some cushion. And it looks like the length of time without church sheltering will be a few months at least.
With that in mind, UELC has already donated $1,000 from its Social Assistance Funds to FP of Gainesville to help in this time of crisis!
Our next hosting scheduled for late April is cancelled. Please consider sometime during this month applying the provisions you normally would during a host week toward providing meals, Publix gift cards or gas cards. The families all have at minimum refrigerators and microwaves. This Sign Up Genius  explains how to help, and there are many holes to fill in the coming weeks. Gift cards can be sent by mail to the Family Promise Day Center at 229 SW 5th Street; Gainesville, FL  32601. Meals are being accepted on the day of or day before between 2 and 5 pm at that address. If you have any questions about this, or are not comfortable with the sign up genius, don't hesitate to contact me or Pat Dasler.
Bed Race giving
A big thank you to your generous donations that pooled $490 for our church's contributions toward the very successful Bed Race fundraiser on Feb. 29!!
As always, thank you for your concern and generosity toward these families. Peace and health until we are face to face again!

Amy Schirmer

Garden Update

Last Saturday St. Francis House was very grateful to receive our small contribution of carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, kale, and collard greens. Tomatoes are coming soon. And summer seeds have been planted.

Andy Noss


LIFT is on hold until we can have group meetings again.  Ray Goldwire will give a presentation on "Bee keeping" in May if restrictions are lifted by then.  Keep safe, practice social distancing, and participate in the on-line activities Pastor Jacobs is producing. 

Ron Bauldree

Young Adult Ministry  
Cam pus/Young Adult Ministry weekly meetings on Thursdays, 5:30-7:00.
Young Adult and Student Ministry continues to meet by Zoom and are studying the Bible. Right now they are going through the Gospel of John.
For inquiries contact Krissi and Dan Norford ( 
Music Ministry  
At UELC, we continue to have a variety of music and song choices in worship.

Choir is not meeting. Crystal and Moses continue to work on the music selection and virtual "practice" on a song by song basis in order to adapt to virtual worship. This is changing each week as we become more equipped. Crystal will be in touch with choir members directly as and if this changes.
The Bee - What's Happening?      

The Bee is not meeting for now.
The Bee    
Adult Forum      

Adult Forum is not meeting for now.

Contact Dan Norford for more information:
Village of Hope 

March 26, 2020

As I write this update, I am thinking of our brothers and sisters in Haiti who have now received the news that the first cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in their country. Haiti has confirmed 9 cases of COVID-19 within its borders and has 100+ in quarantine as of March 25, 2020.

The government of Haiti has implemented measures to limit the spread of COVID-19. Schools, universities, vocational centers, and factories are closed until further notice; gatherings larger than 10 people have been banned. A curfew is in place from 8 PM.-5AM. which began at midnight on March 20.

In an effort to keep our students, teachers, medical staff and the community of Ganthier safe and healthy, the leadership at Village of Hope decided to close the school and health center effective Friday, March 20.

We will be closely monitoring the situation in Ganthier and will provide updates on the website. I pray for each of you and your families because we are all in this together. God is good and He will see us through this unprecedented time in our lives. Please continue to pray for our Haiti family.

In God's service,
Dan Zieschang
Executive Director
Village of Hope Haiti
Lenten Activities in March

Our Pastor and Staff
Crystal Jacob
   Minister of Music (Direct Choir and music-related ministries)

Moses Choi
  • Evelyn Simmons
    • Administrative Assistant
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Still Collecting Diapers!

We are still collecting infant/toddler diapers for Gainesville Community Ministry. You can put them in the lime green container in the Kaiser Center. 

Gainesville Community Ministry says they often get plenty of newborn and small infant diapers, but not a lot of the larger size (fitting 20 pounds and up). 

So, if you could, donate some of the larger sizes. 

If you have questions, you can contact Krissi Norford. 

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