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The Lampstand                                  July  2020
Our Mission
UELC's Mission:

To Embrace and Share the Love of God in Jesus Christ, as the Holy Spirit Empowers us.

UELC's Guiding Principles:
Jesus is our Lord and Saviour; therefore, we are to:

> Worship God in inspiring, diverse, and creative ways
> Be a community engaged in spiritual practices that attune us to the Holy Spirit's guidance for our living
> Welcome all people in their diversity to worship, learn, and serve with us
> Be a safe place to learn, explore, and debate
> Be generous stewards of the gifts God has given each of us to bless others and care for the natural world
> Continue outreach to, and further develop connections with, the academic communities of Alachua County
> Affirm human rights and work for social justice

Pastor's Corner  

Council President's Report and Notice of Special Congregation Meeting, July 12 @ 11:00 am via Zoom

Dear fellow congregation members and friends,

I hope everyone is doing reasonably well and continuing to cope with ongoing quarantine restrictions we face.

During this time, the church council continues to meet to ensure the business of the church is being addressed. One such item is the nomination of our church property for a place on the National Historical Registry. Please take the time to read the nomination letter in this edition of the Lampstand. In addition to the letter, here is a link to a DropBox location if you are interested in viewing all the materials that were prepared for this nomination. I look forward to "seeing" everyone at the congregational meeting scheduled for July 12 th at 11:00 AM via Zoom where we will discuss this nomination and what it may entail for our congregation. Until then, stay safe!

Best regards,
Becky Borgert

Full link to National Historical Registry Documents prepared by UF Historic Preservation Program :
National Historic Registry - Sample Letter 

May 15, 2020
Mr. Ruben Acosta, Supervisor
Survey and Registration Section
Florida Division of Historical Resources
R.A. Gray Building
500 S. Bronough Street, Room 417
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0250

RE:        National Register Nomination for University Lutheran Church Complex
              1826 West University Avenue, Gainesville, (Alachua County) FL 32606
Dear Mr. Acosta,
The University Lutheran Church governing board (please edit with the appropriate title for the managing entity) approves the proposed nomination of The University Lutheran Church Complex to the National Register of Historic Places. The nomination is prepared and submitted by the University of Florida's Historic Preservation Program. The University Lutheran Church has worked with the University of Florida Historic Preservation Program to document the history and architecture of this significant Midcentury Modern complex, located across from the University of Florida Campus. The University Lutheran Church Complex is significant under Criterion C at the state and local levels in the area of architecture.
The University Lutheran Church (ULC) Complex is an example of the state of Florida's regional mid-century architectural trends, represents the works of master architects, and possesses high artistic value. The ULC Complex consists of two contributing buildings and adjacent landscaped areas. The University Lutheran Church was designed in 1960 by award-winning master architect Albert Wynn Howell, and features a prominent, double-pitched, A-frame roof. The one-story complex is mid-century modern in character and style. The University Lutheran Center was designed in 1970 by Moore, May and Harrington Architects, Inc., one of Gainesville's oldest architecture firms. Both buildings individually, and the Complex as a coherent entity, retain a high level of physical integrity, with a period of significance that extends from the Church's dedication in 1961 to the Center's dedication in 1971.
Located at 1826 West University Avenue, the ULC Complex is a distinctive, unique, and irreplaceable asset to the City of Gainesville, and represents important trends in Florida architecture. The Church building was recognized with a 1961 Merit Award by the Florida Association of Architects, and featured on the magazine cover of Florida Architect. Both the Church and the Center buildings comprise a coherent architectural ensemble that represents trends of mid-century modern architecture in Florida. The design of the Church and Center reflect the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright and the principles of the Organic Style. These principles include: a structure that is well-integrated with the natural context; a visual and physical connection to its setting; and a unified design with repeating elements and details. The architectural features of the Complex give a sense of place to the area in which it stands, contributing to the identity of the neighborhoods in the vicinity. The preservation of this complex of building will ensure a continued role in enriching the community's cultural life by fostering knowledge of the city's built and living heritage.

The University Lutheran Church Complex meets the criteria for integrity as defined by the National Park Service:  
  • Location is the place where the historic property was constructed.
  • Design is the combination of elements that create the form, plan, space, structure, and style of a property.
  • Setting is the physical environment of a historic property.
  • Materials are the physical elements that were combined or deposited during a particular period of time and in a particular pattern or configuration to form historic property.
  • Workmanship is the physical evidence of the crafts of a particular culture or people in history or prehistory.
  • Feeling is property's expression of the aesthetic or historic sense of a particular period of time.
  • Association is the direct link between an important historic event or person and a historic property.
Please contact (ULC representative's name) at (Contact information) if you need further information. 
Thank you for considering the University Lutheran Church Complex nomination for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.

Wednesday Noon Prayer by Zoom    

Wednesday Noon Prayers by Zoom continues with a 15-minute devotional using "Christ in Our Home" or other devotional. Then prayer requests are listed and prayed over each week. The session is then left open for another 20 minutes for optional fellowship time. This is now a joint prayer time for UELC and Gethsemane Lutheran Church. You can also join by phone (see e-mail for calling numbers).  Join by clicking below:
Contact Pastor Jacob at 612-202-8667, if you have problems connecting.

UELC People
July Birthdays  

7/2  Sherrie Kirk
7/3  Jesse Noss
7/7  Richard Brill
7/14  Anders Ryerson
7/16  Caroline Yale
7/18  Kem Jacob
7/21  Mary Lou Schirmer
7/23  Sam Borgert
7/24  Daniel Norford
7/26  Emily Fourman
7/27  Scott Matthew Bauldree
7/29  Pat Dasler
7/31  Roger Springfels

Continued Prayer Concerns
  -  Prayers for healing: Agnes Martinson, Lois Wilkowske, Dutch Schirmer, Ron and B everly Gronwall, Les O'Brien
Finances Update   

Members that wish to submit their offerings may do so in a couple of ways. You may send your check to either UELC office or mail them to me at 8520 SW 99th Place, 32608. Either way I will get them to the bank. Since there is no cash to be counted, it is appropriate that we don't need two counters, as we normally have. In addition to the deposit book entries, each check is photocopied for our records and accountability.

Jim Yale
Family Promise Update   

Greetings of Peace and Health!
Families remain in what's been dubbed the 'scattered site shelter' model where they are each living in an apartment funded by Family Promise. There will need to be some shuffling around in August, as two of the short-term leases, available at a reasonable price only because UF students left town in March, expire end of July. F.P. has been in the process of purchasing a four-unit block, and if that can transpire this month, those two families may move there. If not, God will surely provide, working through the hands and connections of Jayne, Vicki and Shari of Family Promise of Gainesville.
The 'shelter-rotational' model we've been part of for nearly five years now is on hold for several more months. We are asked, however, to help cover meals during our regular hosting weeks. In our next host week starting August 3, we can assist with:  
  • 3 home-prepared or take-out meals for 4 families
  • 12 Publix or Walmart gift cards $25 each
  • up to 12 gas cards of $25 each 
Sign up here for August 3, 5, or 7 or contact Amy to facilitate your contribution.
Monetary donations to help Family Promise of Gainesville during this crisis can be made at or send a check directly to FP at 229 SW 5th Street, GNV 32601 or to our church via Jim Yale at 8520 SW 99th Place, GNV 32608 and write Family Promise in the subject line.
Thank you!

Amy Schirmer

Lutherans In Fellowship Together [LIFT] has gone virtual during this time when we cannot have the usual monthly meetings in the Kaiser Center at UELC!

Check your in-box each Thursday for LIFTvT [LIFTviaTechnology] programs.

The program during the month of July will be ELCA Outdoor Ministries with a special emphasis on Luther Springs.

Ron Bauldree
Young Adult Ministry  
Cam pus/Young Adult Ministry weekly meetings on Thursdays, 5:30-7:00.
Young Adult and Student Ministry continues to meet by Zoom and are studying the Bible. Right now they are going through the Gospel of John.
For inquiries contact Krissi and Dan Norford ( 
Music Ministry  
Choir is not meeting. Crystal and Moses continue to work on the music selection and virtual "practice" on a song by song basis in order to adapt to virtual worship. This is changing each week as we become more equipped. Crystal will be in touch with choir members directly as and if this changes.
The Bee - What's Happening?      

The Bee is not meeting for now.
The Bee    
Adult Forum      

Adult Forum is not meeting for now.

Contact Dan Norford for more information:
Village of Hope 

The past 18 months have been a very challenging period of time in Haiti. Village of Hope's mission of providing hope to the people in Haiti through education and health has been tested but not broken. God has a plan for peace and healing. Political unrest and Covid-19 have kept mission teams from traveling.
In the first week of the Health Center reopening, Dr. Joseph and his team were able to provide medical attention to more than 50 patients who were struggling with infected injuries, pre-eclampsia, urinary tract infections, and malnutrition. The number of Haitians being served grows each day.
VOH has a new goal. They would like to resume classes at the Village of Hope School on Monday, August 3, 2020. The current Covid-19 death toll in Haiti is 89. The Ministry of Education is proposing a continuation of the 2019/2020 School Year in August. Note, because they were not able to provide virtual lessons, they must finish the school year.
They are communicating closely with their team and following all recommendations. Principal Clovis and his teachers are making the appropriate plan to reopen and the health of their students and staff is their top priority. They are focusing on proper social distancing, number of children per classroom, sanitation, mask wearing, etc.
Please remember these brothers and sisters in Christ in your prayers.
Our Pastor and Staff
Crystal Jacob
   Minister of Music (Direct Choir and music-related ministries)

Moses Choi
  • Evelyn Simmons
    • Administrative Assistant
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Still Collecting Diapers!

We are still collecting infant/toddler diapers for Gainesville Community Ministry. You can put them in the lime green container in the Kaiser Center. 

Gainesville Community Ministry says they often get plenty of newborn and small infant diapers, but not a lot of the larger size (fitting 20 pounds and up). 

So, if you could, donate some of the larger sizes. 

If you have questions, you can contact Krissi Norford. 

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