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The Lampstand                                  October 2020
Our Mission
UELC's Mission:

To Embrace and Share the Love of God in Jesus Christ, as the Holy Spirit Empowers us.

UELC's Guiding Principles:
Jesus is our Lord and Saviour; therefore, we are to:

> Worship God in inspiring, diverse, and creative ways
> Be a community engaged in spiritual practices that attune us to the Holy Spirit's guidance for our living
> Welcome all people in their diversity to worship, learn, and serve with us
> Be a safe place to learn, explore, and debate
> Be generous stewards of the gifts God has given each of us to bless others and care for the natural world
> Continue outreach to, and further develop connections with, the academic communities of Alachua County
> Affirm human rights and work for social justice

Pastor's Corner  

Council President's Report 
Dear fellow congregation members and friends,
As the pandemic wears on, the church council is continuing to meet and conduct the business of the church. The council met on September 22nd and plans to hold 2 meetings in October. The additional October meeting is scheduled to review the proposed changes to the UELC constitution. These changes have been a work in progress for quite some time (pre-dating the pandemic) and are comprised of both internal recommendations as well as changes suggested for all congregations on behalf of the Synod. Further details will be forthcoming at a future congregational meeting.

The council is very appreciative of all the work being done by the various groups within the church who provide updated reports to the council. One of these groups, the shared Pastorate review team, has worked hard to craft a survey intended to elicit feedback regarding the ongoing shared Pastorate arrangement between our church and GLC. Please take the time to complete the survey as council will be reviewing and discussing the results at an upcoming meeting. I miss seeing all of you and pray for everyone's health and safety!
Best regards,
Becky Borgert 
Church Announcements    
Wednesday Noon Prayer and Connection by Zoom 
UELC People
October Birthdays   
10/11    Jim Griswold
10/20    Bill Chamberlin
10/21    Sharai Jacobs
10/25    Stephani Babcock Jahn
10/26    Thomas Leite
10/31    Les O'Brien

Continued Prayer Concerns
Prayers for healing: Lois Wilkowske, Schirmer family, Ron and Beverly Gronwall, Les O'Brien, Cecilia Noss 
Rachel Cook - PR Xchange Award     
The Alachua County Library District's 2018-2019 Accomplishments Report placed first in the annual report category of a national library design competition and earned the top spot in the Advocacy /Fundraising/Annual Reports/ Strategic Plans category of the 2020 PR Xchange Awards Competition, which is directed by the Marketing and Communications Community of Practice, Library Leadership and Management Association - a division of the American Library Association.
The annual PR Xchange Awards recognizes the best public relations materials produced by libraries in the past year. More than 300 entries in print and electronic formats were submitted from more than 100 institutions, including public, academic, school, state and special libraries.
Entries were evaluated virtually by a jury of 21 judges.
Submissions were judged on the quality of content, format, design, creativity, and originality.
The annual report was produced by Rachel Cook, Library District Public Relations and Marketing Manager and Design Graphic Designer Leah Welch.
The report highlights the Library District's accomplishments in the past fiscal year across all 12 branches.
Finances Update   
Members that wish to submit their offerings may do so in a couple of ways. You may send your check to either UELC office or mail them to me at 8520 SW 99th Place, 32608. Either way I will get them to the bank. Since there is no cash to be counted, it is appropriate that we don't need two counters, as we normally have. In addition to the deposit book entries, each check is photocopied for our records and accountability. 
Jim Yale
Family Promise Update   
Family Promise
We have several people who are generously providing meals for families for our host week starting Aug. 3. If anyone would like to help further, we could still use $25 gift cards from Publix or Walmart sent to the Family Promise Day Center at 229 SW 5th Street, Gainesville 32601. Thank you!
Amy Schirmer
LIFT has gone virtual during this time when we cannot have the usual Monthly meetings at UELC.
Check your in-box each Thursday for LIFTvT [LIFTviaTechnology] programs.
The program during the month of October will be Martin Luther and the Reformation.  
Ron Bauldree
Young Adult Ministry  
Campus/Young Adult Ministry weekly meetings on Thursdays, 5:30-7:00.
Young Adult and Student Ministry continues to meet by Zoom and are studying the Bible. Right now they are going through the Book of Daniel.
For inquiries contact Krissi and Dan Norford ( 
Music and Worship   
The Worship Assistants and The Choir remains a joint effort of UELC-GLC choir with more voices.  The music and worship service is still put together with no two people in the same room, but using virtual tools and hard work. Once again, for those that missed it before, here's how the music is done (without naming the technology and software).
Our Minister of Music, Crystal Jacob coordinates and arranges the music and the voices for the music. Our pianist, Moses Choi receives the music from Crystal, records it and sends it back to her and she assigns it to individual choir members. Each vocalist practices with the music, then records just their singing parts and sends it back to Crystal and Moses. Moses combines the individual recordings and his music, and sends it back to Crystal. Sometimes the whole process for a song may need to be redone, but most times it sounds great. They send the music to Pastor Terrance who inserts each hymn into the service video, adds a slide for the words (like with the liturgy), then he produces and uploads it to YouTube as a complete service.
The Worship Assistants are con-ordinated by Ms. Chris Bennett (Gethsemane) and Pastor. Was get the readings/prayers, record a video in their homes and send it to Pastor, who produces it as with the music.
Thanks to all who show such great dedication and commitment and make our worship service a blessing to all.  Unfortunately, not all of the regular choir members and worship assistants from UELC or GLC can cope with the above process for now - but we are working on that!
Submitted with Praise to God by Crystal Jacob, Minister of Music
The Bee - What's Happening?      

The Bee
During this time of not being able to meet in person, The Bee is virtually sharing twice during the month The Story BEEhind the Hymn.
Articles are written by Janet Janke and researched from different sources and people.
The Bee  
Adult Forum      

Adult Forum is not meeting for now.

Contact Dan Norford for more information:
Butterfly Garden update      


Next time you are at UELC, please stop by and visit the butterfly garden, in progress under Scott Simpson's inspiration and guidance.
Village of Hope 
The Village of Hope School in Haiti continues to operate with the children wearing masks sewn and sent from several churches in the States.
Village of Hope began many years ago with just 60 children, 1 teacher and 1 building. Today there are 9 buildings, 70 Haitian teachers and staff and 640 students. God's work, our hands in Haiti.
Each year they enroll 40 new 3 year olds, 20 girls and 20 boys. Many of them will be educated at VOH for 16 years. National exams are given at grades 6, 9, 12 and 13. The VOH students consistently score higher than the National Average.
To learn more about the school just Google: Village of Hope Haiti and you will get to their website.
Our Pastor and Staff
Crystal Jacob
   Minister of Music (Direct Choir and music-related ministries)

Moses Choi
  • Evelyn Simmons
    • Administrative Assistant
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November Newsletter Deadline

Please send any articles for the November newsletter by October 28th to Andy Noss
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Still Collecting Diapers!

We are still collecting infant/toddler diapers for Gainesville Community Ministry. You can put them in the lime green container in the Kaiser Center. 

Gainesville Community Ministry says they often get plenty of newborn and small infant diapers, but not a lot of the larger size (fitting 20 pounds and up). 

So, if you could, donate some of the larger sizes. 

If you have questions, you can contact Krissi Norford. 
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