University Evangelical Lutheran Church
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The Lampstand - February 2021
Our Mission

UELC's Mission:
To Embrace and Share the Love of God in Jesus Christ, as the Holy Spirit Empowers us.

UELC's Guiding Principles:
Jesus is our Lord and Saviour; therefore, we are to:
  • Worship God in inspiring, diverse, and creative ways
  • Be a community engaged in spiritual practices that attune us to the Holy Spirit's guidance for our living
  • Welcome all people in their diversity to worship, learn, and serve with us
  • Be a safe place to learn, explore, and debate
  • Be generous stewards of the gifts God has given each of us to bless others and care for the natural world
  • Continue outreach to, and further develop connections with, the academic communities of Alachua County
  • Affirm human rights and work for social justice
Pastor's Corner
Council President's Report

Dear UELC Congregational Family,

Greetings from the entire UELC council! I am optimistically hopeful that by now at least some of our members have been able to at least receive the first dose of vaccine. My mother, who lives in Georgia, was able to receive her first dose at her county health department in January and I pray there will be adequate supply for her to receive her second dose this month! 

The UELC council has met several times already in 2021 to ensure we are prepared for the annual congregational meeting that is being held on Sunday, February 14 at 11:00 AM via Zoom. The council commends the Financial Action Team and all the hard work that went into creating the 2021 spending plan which we will review at the annual meeting. 

I recently read the Gates Foundation annual letter for 2021 that was appropriately titled “The year global health went local.” I was struck by the simple truth and all the implications that were wrapped up in that title. In the article, there is a quote from Winston Churchill cited which reads “This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning”. While I read that with some dismay (I want it to be the beginning of the end), I acknowledge there is still a rather lengthy road ahead but hopefully the darkest days of this pandemic, which began less than a year ago and is nearing an end. 

Stay well!!!
Best regards,
Becky Borgert 
COVID-19 Vaccination Registration - Alachua County Residents 65+

This provides a link to register for COVID-19 vaccination if you are 65 years or older:

Church Announcements

Wednesday Noon Prayer and Connection by Zoom
UELC People

FEBRUARY Birthdays 

2/ 2    Becky Borgert
2/ 9    Eugene Brandner
2/18    Laura Ling
2/24    Elaine Manion
2/26    Walter Leite
2/26    Otto Johnston

We isolate now
So when we gather again
   No one is missing

Continued Prayer Concerns

Prayers for healing: Lois Wilkowske, Schirmer family, Ron and Beverly Gronwall, Les O'Brien, Cecilia Noss
National Register - Attend Review on Feb. 4

Our Church and Campus Center has been nominated for inclusion on the National Register of Historical Places. After a lengthy research project into the origins and architectural history of our buildings, Marty Hylton, the Director of the Historic Preservation Program, and his colleagues at the University of Florida, submitted the proposal for inclusion. We have just received a letter (below) that the proposal will be reviewed by the Florida National Register Review Board on February 4th, as the first step toward inclusion on the National Register. The letter provides a link for anyone interested to view the on-line webinar to be held on the 4th starting at 1:30 pm.

Register online here:
Webinar ID 203-378-179.

Music Ministry Update

Our complex production of music and song continues, thanks to the dedication of the team. For the past month, besides the weekly online service music, we have all been working on the Advent and Christmas music. This flexible and committed team ministers to the Glory of God. We thank all those who have sent us messages of appreciation and encouragement. Please spend this Advent season in reflection and waiting on God. We trust the music and worship will help you do that.

Finances Update

Members that wish to submit their offerings may do so in a
couple of ways. You may send your check to either UELC office or mail them to me at 8520 SW 99th Place, 32608. Either way I will get them to the bank. Since there is no cash to be counted, it is appropriate that we don't need two counters, as we normally have. In addition to the deposit book entries, each check is photocopied for our records and accountability.
Jim Yale.
Choice Dollars - Thrivent
Family Promise Update

Blessings, joy, peace and love to you all in this new year!
Amy Schirmer -

LIFT has gone virtual during this time when we cannot have the usual Monthly meetings at UELC.

The program for the first two weeks of February will be Black History Month. Then LIFTvT will take a break during the season of Lent when there will be midweek Lenten worship services each week. LIFTvT will resume on April 8th.
Young Adult Ministry

Campus/Young Adult Ministry weekly meetings on Thursdays, 5:30-7:00.

Young Adult and Student Ministry continues to meet by Zoom and are studying the Bible.

For inquiries contact Krissi and Dan Norford (
The Bee - What's Happening

During this time of not being able to meet in person, The Bee is virtually sharing twice during the month The Story BEEhind the Hymn.

Articles are written by Janet Janke and researched from different sources and people.

The Bee
Adult Forum

Adult Forum is not meeting for now.

Contact Dan Norford for more information:
Village of Hope

Remember your donations for 2020 to Village of Hope will appear on the end of the year statement you will receive from UELC. Thank you for your continuing sponsorship of the children at Village of Hope in Haiti.

If you have any questions please contact Janet Janke, UELC’s Lazarus Project coordinator.
Our Pastor and Staff

Pastor Terrance Jacob
Pastor, Congregation and Campus Ministry

Crystal Jacob
Minister of Music (Direct Choir and music-related ministries)

Moses Choi

Evelyn Simmons
Administrative Assistant