University Evangelical Lutheran Church
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The Lampstand - May 2021
Our Mission

UELC's Mission:
To Embrace and Share the Love of God in Jesus Christ, as the Holy Spirit Empowers us.

UELC's Guiding Principles:
Jesus is our Lord and Saviour; therefore, we are to:
  • Worship God in inspiring, diverse, and creative ways
  • Be a community engaged in spiritual practices that attune us to the Holy Spirit's guidance for our living
  • Welcome all people in their diversity to worship, learn, and serve with us
  • Be a safe place to learn, explore, and debate
  • Be generous stewards of the gifts God has given each of us to bless others and care for the natural world
  • Continue outreach to, and further develop connections with, the academic communities of Alachua County
  • Affirm human rights and work for social justice
Pastor's Corner

A Time of Life Regardless…

So here we are in May! This is a month of much significance for many. Much of it is celebration or contemplation for most, but not for all.

Around 45 countries around the World celebrate Mother’s Day on May 9th this year. We honor all mother’s and those who have taken on motherly roles. I pray that we will all remember our mothers and those who have been mothers to us over our lives. Some honor mothers that are alive, mothers who passed on or mothers they never knew. Even those who did not have kind experiences with their mothers, have had someone – female or male – serve as a mother or mother figure for them.

For the church this year we celebrate the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ, marking the end of His life on Earth and return to God the Father. We also celebrate Pentecost, the day remembered for the gifts of the Holy Spirit given to the disciples. The Church universal received the Comforter and the Power to be witnesses of the Gospel throughout the earth. 

Jesus had told His disciples that when He goes (to the Father) He will send the “Advocate (or Helper)… who will teach you all (many) things (lead us to all truth) and remind you of everything I have taught you.” [John 14:26 – various translations and other texts paraphrased by me]. The promised Spirit was revealed in dramatic form in the Acts of the Apostles. Luke records in Acts 1:8 what Jesus had said just before He ascended, But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

This year we also celebrate, Trinity Sunday in May. Given the above paragraph, I’m sure I don’t need to explain why the Triune God – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit – is celebrated just after Pentecost Sunday. As we celebrate and honor these three days in the Church Calendar this year, let’s reflect where God has brought us to and journeyed with us over our lives AND especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have missed many celebrations in church, whether on the church calendar, Celebrations of Life for those who passed on, celebrating Holy Communion or our weekly worship services in-person. Regardless of how our journey of life, or the pandemic has been, may we receive the power to give thanks, celebrate, contemplate and bear bold witness because… regardless, God journeys with us! Amen.

Peace, Pastor Terrance

Council President's Report

Dear UELC Congregational Family,

The council met on April 27th and we are continuing our discussion around devising the most appropriate way to return to in-person worship. As part of this discussion, we need your input! Please be on the lookout for a short electronic survey that will be delivered via email during the month of May. It is a short survey (5 questions with room for additional comments) so we would strongly encourage everyone to fill out the survey so your voice can be heard. This will also greatly benefit the council and, help us have a better understanding of everyone’s thoughts on the matter.

Best regards,
Becky Borgert 
COVID-19 Vaccination Registration - Alachua County Residents 18+

This provides a link to register for COVID-19 vaccination if you are 18 years or older:

Church Announcements

Wednesday Noon Prayer and Connection by Zoom
UELC People

MAY Birthdays 

5/25     Paula Waterman
5/26     Cecilia Noss
5/28     Betty Flanders
5/29     Ronald Gronwall
5/31     Bev Cone

Congratulations to Stephani Jahn!!

University of Florida Human Resources 2021
Superior Accomplishment Award
Community Service

"I received it for my support of transitioning the Crisis Center's phone volunteer training to an online format when Covid started. It has continued online for the past year, so this helped make sure there was the necessary stream of new volunteers the Center relies on.
The Center is always seeking new volunteers and applications can come in any time! (Anyone interested can go to the county website to find more info.) It's such an amazing group of people and so meaningful to the community members we serve."
Stephani Jahn, Ph.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Nationally Certified Counselor
UF Counseling and Wellness Center

We isolate now
So when we gather again
   No one is missing

Continued Prayer Concerns

Prayers for healing: Lois Wilkowske, Schirmer family, Ron and Beverly Gronwall, Les O'Brien, Cecilia Noss, Hal Noss
Worship Committee

Crystal Jacob, Minister of Music for UELC Worship Committee
Offering Direct Deposits

It is Sunday morning and you are on your way to church. Part way there you remember you have not written a check for the offering plate.
It is another Sunday morning and you are sitting in the sanctuary you write a check and slowly you attempt to remove your check from your check book as quietly as possible.
It is another Sunday at church and you realize that your offering check and envelope remain at home on your dresser.
These are some of the ways that the use of direct deposit helps UELC to receive consistent income to pay its bills.
If you wish to learn more about the use of direct deposit, contact Jim Yale to get set up.  

Family Promise Update

Amy Schirmer -

LIFTvT began one year ago when Ray Goldwire was scheduled to do the program on bees in May. With the exception of the Lenten Season it has been sent out virtually each week during the past year. Hopefully LIFTvT will again be able to meet in person but until then, it will continue during May and June with a series on the Images of the Church.
Young Adult Ministry

Campus/Young Adult Ministry weekly meetings on Thursdays, 5:30-7:00.

Young Adult and Student Ministry continues to meet by Zoom and are studying the Bible.

For inquiries contact Krissi and Dan Norford (
The Bee has Been Busy!

• The Bee continues to send out Birthday Cards each month to UELC members.
• The Bee continues to send out The Stories Beehind the Hymns each Tuesday via email. We thank Andy Noss for making this possible.

The Bee
Adult Forum

Adult Forum is not meeting for now.

Contact Dan Norford for more information:
Village of Hope

Lazarus Project Sponsorships
Thank you to those sponsors who have already renewed their sponsorship for 2021. There is still time to renew during the month of May.
The cost to sponsor one child is still $480 a year. This can be paid annually, quarterly, or monthly at $40 a month.
Checks should be made out to University Lutheran Church and put in your offering envelope with the notation “Lazarus Project” on the special gift line and also on the memo line of your check.  Checks should be mailed to either the church or to Jim Yale. Your contribution will be reflected on your UELC statement of giving.
Sponsorships enable the Village of Hope to provide each child with a Christian education, uniforms, two meals each school day, and dental and medical care. 
For additional information contact Janet Janke,
Lazarus Project Coordinator at University Lutheran Church, at or 372-8610.

Baker Interfaith Friends

BAKER INTERFAITH FRIENDS are grateful for recent generous donations (including stimulus money, paid forward) totaling $1,000 from several people at UELC.
For the population of immigrants who are detained, deprived, and disrespected, we say thanks. Price of phone calls from Baker is notoriously high and we are happy to be able to send money to help people stay in touch with their families. The food also is a huge source of complaint from people in Baker and they are happy to receive funds to buy snacks from the vending machine. Remote video visits and e-messaging are costly too and donations are much appreciated by volunteer visitors. These are just the little things that add up. Bus tickets, money for filing documents, and support for families on the outside are larger expenses that you enable us to cover.
Thanks to all who have volunteered to donate when special needs arise too. It is reassuring.
Our Pastor and Staff

Pastor Terrance Jacob
Pastor, Congregation and Campus Ministry

Crystal Jacob
Minister of Music (Direct Choir and music-related ministries)

Moses Choi

Evelyn Simmons
Administrative Assistant