2019 brings a blast of fresh air
With great gusto, the trade winds of change are blowing. Lanai Cat Sanctuary is enjoying a breezy 2019 with lots of new ambition for its mission to help cats live long fulfilling lives with us.
We are in the middle of our rainy season and with all of our new cats, we need hidey boxes and shelters for them to get out of the rain. Please consider sending one to us from our Amazon Wishlist. These make great condos for our kitty's.

Here's what else we’ve been working on since the new year. We’ve streamlined operations and found new ways to help our sick cats have an even better quality of life while in treatment. We established an ambassador position that offers tours and talks to our community of 11,000 visitors annually. We’ve renovated our intensive care clinic and we continue to strengthen community partnerships near and far. It’s been busy and there’s more to do as we strive to continuously improve our sanctuary.
You and your love have made all of this and so much more possible.
With great gusto in 2019,
Keoni Vaughn | Executive Director | Keoni@LanaiCatSanctuary.org
Hawaii's best place to say "I do."

Lanai Cat Sanctuary may just be the best place to say those fur-ever and ever vows.

Lisa and Josh of Boston were smitten by all those kittens and decided to tie the knot amidst 600+ speechless furry-faced witnesses.

With attendees converging from around the globe, a ferry full of friends arrived from Maui for the wedding. All those sun-kissed faces were glowing during a service officiated by LCS Executive Director Keoni Vaughn.

Lanai Cat Sanctuary really is the purr-fect paradise for nuptials. "Happily ever after" can start right here by contacting info@LanaiCatSanctuary.org.
Forget the flowers:
Buy me presents for Valentine's Day

Lanai Cat Sanctuary is situated in one of America’s most remote places. It's a sanctuary on a tiny island with only 3,000 people in the middle of nowhere. Given the lack of retail options on Lanai, Amazon.com is worship worthy. When packages arrive from strangers sending love, staff are chasing their tails with excitement. Here are the kind of crazy things in a package that makes them purr.

Ferry-bound felines needing urgent care
Here’s our kitty care conundrum. Dr. Eric Ako and his veterinary team fly in twice a month to provide medical services for cats in recovery, spay/neuter, geriatric wellness and so much more. The fur flies when the clinic opens as we have a flurry of cats who need the doctor’s love.
However, when cats get sick and need urgent care and Dr. Eric isn’t here, we’re racing. Someone has to rally on a moment’s notice. The cat has to be contained and a day trip to another island begins. We drive to the port and take a ferry to the closest island - Maui. We walk from the port or taxi for nearly a mile to veterinary clinic in Lahaina. And wait for a prognosis. This is what it takes to ensure the best quality care we can give. And then start the half day trek back home.

More than 95 percent of cats arrive from the wild where they typically live only 3 to 5 years. It's programs and efforts like ours that enable them to live twice and three times as long. Financial support from friends like you make this possible.
Island hot spots where cats have been rescued
It was nearly dusk when we got the call. Chris and Simona Lee spotted young kittens while visiting Shipwreck Beach. They brought the kittens to Lanai Cat Sanctuary for treatment and they are thriving in care.

At least a dozen vessels have grounded on the six-mile stretch of coast and some, like the YOGN-42 are highly visible. Read more about the fascinating story of this beach.
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