September 16, 2019
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Tallmadge Begins Every Day With Family Time

Learning empathy and communication are vitally important for our elementary students. To help with this, Tallmadge Elementary begins each day with Family Time: a time to go around the rug and give everyone a chance to share their thoughts and feelings. #theplacetobe
Meet Karie Stone, Fairfield 33 Alliance Career Navigator

The Fairfield 33 Alliance is committed to making sure local students have career opportunities waiting for them in Fairfield County. One of the ways they accomplish this is through their Career Navigator Karie Stone, who sets students on the right path towards landing an opportunity with local companies. #theplacetobe
Ewing Teachers Tour New School

In just a few short months the staff and students of Thomas Ewing Jr High will fill their brand new facility. With construction nearing the finish line, the staff took tours through their soon-to-be home. #theplacetobe
Gales Wrap...
LHS Student Bio Ross Wentz
Adventures at Stanbery: Episode 1
LHS Varsity Community Care Day 2019
Junior High Construction Update

At Thomas Ewing, the electric poles along Sheridan Drive are being relocated, the track is being paved, topsoil is being re-spread and rear sidewalks are being installed. In the two story classroom section of the building, the stairway ceilings are finished, while hallway flooring, plumbing fixtures, ceiling tile and the elevator are being installed. Ceiling tile is being installed in the main entrance section and restroom fixtures are being installed in the single story section. In the gymnasium section, basketball backboards have been installed and locker room showers, lights and devices are being installed. The kitchen hood has been installed, the cafeteria floor is being polished, and lights and devices are being installed.

At General Sherman, exterior brick is being laid on the South side of the two story classroom section of the building and window frames have been installed. In the main entrance section, domestic water lines are being installed while HVAC water lines and sprinkler system pipes are being installed in the gymnasium section. On the site, the field event areas are being dug, north parking lot sidewalks are being installed, and parking lot light pole bases have been installed.
September 18: LEA Executive Board Meeting (Secondary Members @3:15pm, Primary Members @4:00pm) | LEA Office

September 24: Regular Board Meeting @4:30pm | 111. S. Broad St. Large Meeting Room

September 26: Interim Reports sent to Parents

September 26: Special Ed Liaison Committee Meeting @4pm | Stanbery Board Conference Room
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