Greeting Lancer Families!

This past month has been a busy one for our College, Career, and Community Readiness Team! It started off with a fabulous week of supporting all Seniors at our Future Planning Event! This was a week designed to connect with all Seniors on planning for success after LHS and finding essential task that need to be completed in a timely manner. Our Counselors, Teachers, Admin Team, Neighborhood Coordinator, and all Seniors participated in this event. We look forward to connecting back with students in November.

Beyond Future Planning, we had the opportunity to connect with our newest Lancers in a Freshman 101 Lesson. This lesson was all about learning the in's and out's of IC and also transcripts. We know that staying engaged and "on track" to graduate is so important within our Freshman year in order to be College, Career, and Community Ready. Our Neighborhood Coordinators loved connecting with their students in their US History classes. Please keep in mind some of the events being held in the college and career center to continue to support Freshman/ Sophomores in being College/Career Ready.

Finally, our Junior Class started working on their Action Plans designed to
capture their most updated goals after LHS. These plans will be the co-star
to our star students as they engaged in their individual Junior conference
this fall with their Counselors. The plan allows students to reflect on their
exploration from 6th-10th grade and turn their thoughts into Actions. We are so excited to see what this amazing class of students will be able to

As you can see the month of October was exciting! Here is to a new month and
more planning for success!

Keep in mind we encourage all students and families to take advantage of our college and career center visits- click here to view the list.

Thanks all,

MacKenzie Swanson 
LHS College and Career Coordinator/AVID Teacher 

Anne Hank Braga
LHS College and Career Coordinator/AVID Coordinator and Teacher