Vol. 81 - 2019
December 19, 2019
Hunterdon County Board of Chosen Freeholders Wish Everyone A
Merry Christmas and
 Happy Hanukkah
Land Preservation, Economic Achievement, And Better Government; Suzanne Lagay's Legacy For Hunterdon County
Hunterdon Freeholders Salute Director Suzanne Lagay at Final Meeting December 17th
Preserving Hunterdon County’s rural character, advancing sustainable economic development, and demanding accountability in government operations, Freeholder Director Suzanne Lagay has established a legacy over her six years as a member of the Hunterdon County Freeholder Board --- and that legacy has been recognized and honored.

Elected to the Freeholder Board in 2013, Lagay, a Holland Township resident, did not seek re-election this year. She served a Freeholder Board Director both in 2019 and in 2016, and was the President and CEO of the Hunterdon Chamber of Commerce for nine years, before being elected Freeholder.

Record Number Of Hunterdon Residents Utilize County Waste Drop Off Events This Year
Multiple tons, pounds, and gallons of materials have been kept out of the solid waste stream, as thousands of Hunterdon County residents have taken advantage of the County’s recycling drop off and clean up days throughout 2019, Freeholder Sue Soloway reported, at the December 3 rd Freeholder meeting.

Soloway, the Freeholder Board’s liaison for the Department of Health, stated, “When we look at the volume and quantities of items recycled, everyone can see how valuable this program is to protecting our environment in the County  And it is a cost effective program as well, as it is funded through a $143,000 recycling enhancement act grant from the state DEP.”

Hunterdon Tourism Study Recommends Investment In Destination Marketing
The Hunterdon Freeholders, at the December 3rd meeting, were advised on tourism strategies, including that investment in destination marketing is a strategic need, when the Board received the County Tourism Research Initiative final report, prepared by Stockton University’s Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality, and Tourism.

“Hunterdon attracts tourist’s already, but the report accurately points out that there’s still so much potential to grow the industry locally” commented Freeholder Board Director Suzanne Lagay. “We’re now firmly committed to a comprehensive effort to get the word out about the county’s many cultural and recreational destinations.”

Women Serving As
Hunterdon County Freeholders

The previous edition of the Hunterdon Report should be corrected to note that former Senator Marcia A. Karrow is the first woman to serve both as a Hunterdon County Freeholder and as the Board’s Director for two terms, in 2000 and 2004. Senator Karrow served three terms as a Freeholder.

Current Freeholder Board Director Suzanne Lagay is the second woman to serve two terms as Director, having also served in the leadership post in 2016. Freeholder Lagay is completing her two terms as a Freeholder on December 31 st .

Current Freeholder Sue Soloway and former Freeholder Nancy I. Palladino, who served as Board Director in 2006, complete the list of the four women who have served on the Freeholder Board in the County’s 305-year history.
i nformation
Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office Announces A Coat Drive

 October 1st through
December 31st, 2019

Bridge and Road Closures and Detours

The NJ Poison Control Center is committed to protecting and improving the health of New Jersey's residents by reducing the impact of poison and drug exposures.

Recycling Tips To Be Sustainable And Green This Year
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Suzanne Lagay
John E. Lanza
Deputy Director
J. Matthew Holt
Susan Soloway
Shaun Van Doren

Mary H. Melfi
County Clerk
Fred W. Brown
Susan J. Hoffman
Michael J. Williams
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