Traffic Counts
On May 7, Planning Staff presented recommendations for obtaining traffic counts to be utilized in Traffic Impact Studies (TIS) given the substantial reduction in motor vehicle traffic attributable to COVID-19-related restrictions. Staff recommended a two-prong approach:

  • No new traffic counts may be conducted until Fall 2020 when restrictions are eased and schools reopen.
  • Until new traffic counts can be collected, a TIS for a Site Plan or a Preliminary Plan may be based on existing traffic counts for critical intersections provided that the existing count was collected no more than three years prior to the date on which the applicant is required to submit final drawings for review by Staff. Existing counts collected within a year of the deadline can be utilized without adjustment. Existing counts collected within three years (but over a year prior) must be modified based on a growth factor developed based on the historical traffic volume data from the past 10 years for the nearest SHA roadway.

The Planning Board supported staff's approach, but indicated an openness to some flexibility where unique circumstances present. Staff concurred.