Ekolo ya Bonobo means Land of the Bonobos.
Lola ya Bonobo is Lingala for Paradise for Bonobos. When Claudine Andre and her team in Congo decided to reintroduce bonobos from their care at Lola back into the wild, the new name just made sense. Land of the Bonobos, Ekolo ya Bonobo in Lingala, is their new home. And its expansion has led to the protection of 120,000 acres of bonobo habitat, which includes the home to many groups of wild bonobos.

But that's not all. "Through your participation in the conservation of the bonobos, you not only protect them, you also contribute to the environmental, social, and economic development of the only country in the world where bonobos are found- the DRC."
- Fanny Minesi, General Director, Amis des Bonobos du Congo

Please enjoy this short documentary explaining the work at Ekolo ya Bonobo. Thank you Louise Bejot for producing this video!
Since its establishment over 10 years ago, Ekolo ya Bonobo has come a long way. Travel through its milestones and learn how Ekolo became the 120,000 acre Community Forest Reserve it is today.
Thank you for your time and attention! As always, your support is the backbone of everything we do to save and protect bonobos.
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