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Happy Spring from LandMark Spatial Solutions!  I wanted to take a few minutes of your time and let you know about a few new products and solutions that we are helping bring to the forest industry.  Let us know if you have any questions or would like to do a quick web demo to see something in action.  Thanks!  We appreciate your continued support and patronage.   
Trimble Forestry
25% Discount on a Juno T-41G until Jul 1 
The Juno T-41G by Trimble is the most accurate mapping grade handheld that we have ever sold and it is now available at a whopping 25% discount until Jul 1.  Here are the spe cs: 
  • Enhanced 1-2 meter GPS
  • "Unbreakable" Gorilla Glass 4.3" display
  • 8 MP Camera
  • Fast 1 Ghz Processor
  • IP 68 rugged - this means you can basically do whatever you need to with it, including swim
  • 32 GB Storage
  • Discounted Price = $1575

Call us for a quote and save $524 on this guy.    


Note: All of the T-41 models are on the 25% special discount until Jul 1.  The regular model without the Enhanced GPS is now only $1125.  We also have units with Android and bar-code scanners if you need such things.  Call us for details and pricing.  

Rain Mode OS and Custom Case for
Nautiz X8 now Available

The very popular Nautiz X8 handheld just got better!  The industry-leading 1.5 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, and huge 4.7" sunlight-readible capacitive touch screen have all made this unit a success with foresters all over the Southeastern US.  At the end of 2015, though, Handheld released a new OS that includes a custom rain mode setting that makes the capacitive touch screen less susceptible to moisture interference.  Handheld also just released a custom case for this unit that includes a neckstrap and an optional vinyl screen cover.  The combo of the 2 upgrades makes this unit work much better in moisture rich environments where the capacitve touch screen acted a little funny.  The case is only $80.
Click here for more info and call us for a quote.   
  LMSS New Logo  
EZ-Plot Toolbar for ArcGIS 
LandMark Spatial Solutions is proud to announce our very own EZ-Plot Toolbar for ArcGIS.  This easy-to-use solution for ArcGIS 9.x and 10.x provides inventory planners with the following tools for plot allocation and waypoint conversion:
  • Work with Shapefiles or Feature Classes
  • Allocate plots on one or multiple stands
  • Specify units
  • Specify chain by chain spacing, exact number of plots, or read the number of plots from the stand attribute table
  • Control grid orientation, outputs, and anchor points
  • Easily convert grids to Solo Waypoint files for use with RTI applications in TCruise
The price for the EZ-Plot Toolbar is $400 for one copy or $350 for two or more.  Call us for a demo or to request a quote. 

T errain Navigator Pro with Parcel Data!!
We have bee n selling TNP for a year now and have sold over 100 copies.  It is a great alternative to ArcGIS if you are lo oking for a simpler way to make maps.  TNP includes excellent top os, NAIP an d Google photos, and Parcel Bou n daries with Ownership Data!!  That's right. If you want to know who owns what and where, you can click on a polygon and have that info.  95% of the co unties are covered all across the US. You can also digitize stands, calculate acres, print excellent maps, synchronize projects with your smart device and even view and track other "team members in real time" in the enterprise version.   Desktop is only $399/state + $100 for the o wnership.  Mobile with Topos and Ownership is $100 even.  Enterprise with 1 desktop and 5 mobile users starts at $650.  All 3 solutions also include a web portal for project management.  Click  here for more info on the desktop solution with parcel data.  We are doing web demos on this product weekly, so contact Paul or Johnny to find out more info.

Trimble Forestry
NEW 4Loads for Timber Dealers and TIMOs  

4Loads™ forestry application is a mobile ticketing solution that simplifies
the c reation, access and sharing of harvested timber data for timber dealers, loggers, foresters, and haulers. The newest version of the program allows a timber dealer or TIMO to set up multiple loggers on multiple contracts going to multiple destinations by multiple haulers all at the same time.   
Harvest operators enter load data on their iOS or Android mobile devices in the field, which automatically synchronize with the Trimble mobile cloud service for timely access to data via the Trimble Forestry Mobile Website. Forestry stakeholders can log in  to the mobile site to view data, run reports and customize mobile form menus. 4Loads provides real-time access to harvest load data that historically has been captured via slower manual processes that can take weeks or months to produce data. This real-time insight into remote operations can shorten reconciliation cycles and provide clear load traceability.
 Call Paul or Johnny for a web demo.  We can get set you up on a 30 Day Trial in about 1 hour.  This exciting new product is easy to use and extremely cost effective. 

Updated Nomad 1050 Released  
Trimble recently released the Nomad 1050, an updated version of the very successfu l N o mad series.  The new Nomad now has a 1 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, and a high-resolution, sunlight-re adable VGA color display to show images, maps and data in crisp detail.  The unit is still ultra-rug ged at IP 68 and still has a huge 15 hour battery.  While all the other specs increased, the price actually decreased by $50, so you get more of what you want and need for less dollars.  Call for a quote.   

NEW PG200 GNSS Receiver 
  Trimble also recently released the PG200 GNSS Receiver: a rugged, submeter, GNSS, external receiver that connects to Windows, Windows Mobile, iOS, and Android devices. The PG200 tracks the GPS and GLONASS constellations, and even allows operators to achieve global sub-meter accuracy real-time if they subscribe to optional cellular or satellite corrections. Increase your accuracy on any device for only $2495.  This really works!!  Call for more info. 
15% Discount on DME with new Hand held Purchase

Haglof is offering a fantastic 15% Discount on their popular DME 360 package when you buy select handhelds from LandMark Spatial Solutions. Call us for details.
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Please call us if you have any questions about these solutions or anything else related in technology in forestry.  We are working on several UAV/Drone solutions for both inspections and mapping in forestry.  If and when the FAA loosens the restrictions for commercial operators like you, we will be ready to help you implement solutions that will bring value to your business.  Call us if you have questions on this or want to go ahead and buy one and learn how to fly it as a hobbyist.  Thank you for your continued support.

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Click  here for an updated overview of all our GPS, GIS, Forest Measurment, and Forest Inventory solutions.  Click here for a current matrix of all our mapping grade handhelds.

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