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Friday 24th July 2020 

National Tree Day Planting Cancelled
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This year, due to COVID-19 concerns, the national tree planting event has regrettably been cancelled.  
Instead, Join Us in a Landcare Tree Planting...
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You are very welcome to join our Tuesday Team of volunteers in planting a couple of hundred native rainforest species.
*    Where? Rosser Park, in Mount Tamborine (near Taste Buddies)
*    When? 4th August and 18th August, from 8am.
*    Bring: own beverages, gloves
*    Provided: tools and morning tea

Our volunteers have worked for many years in this lovely little park to eradicate weeds and replant with local natives. Scenic Rim Regional Council have recently asked us to extend the forest, in order to reduce the grassy areas which need constant maintenance. We are very happy to oblige!
And Last Year's Growth Continues...
As the photos below demonstrate, plants established at last year's National Tree Day at Guanaba Park are showing great new growth. This park is yet another site where TM Landcare is working with Council to create more wildlife habitat. 

 Acacia fimbriata - Brisbane Wattle
Stenocarpus sinuatus - Wheel of Fire Tree
Geissois benthamii - Red Carabeen   
A Bird-Friendly Lions Park
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Tamborine Mountain Landcare and the Natural History Association (NHA) have joined forces for the last stage of regeneration work along the western boundary in this popular park. With funding provided by the NHA, the remaining large privet trees have now been removed and replaced with 150 native shrubs to provide habitat for birds and insects. With assistance from the Scenic Rim Regional Council, and TM Landcare's earlier injection of funds into this project, the Privet Project has been successfully completed in a short time.

Many very large privet trees had been planted along the boundary between the park and the adjoining property. Privets are a familiar sight across the mountain, bordering our streets and properties, having been planted to provide wind breaks and privacy. Unfortunately, these trees were a bad choice as birds have distributed the seeds all over the mountain. The resulting trees have crowded out our local species, reducing the diversity of feed and shelter for our precious local fauna. Some landowners are now helping to reduce this problem by removing the privets and replacing them with natives, and it is hoped that other property holders will follow their lead.

Over the past few months Landcare's Tuesday Team of volunteers have weeded out hundreds of interlopers along this boundary and planted approximately 500 trees and shrubs, establishing a wonderful wildlife corridor.

All the participating community groups and organisations are to be thanked for so successful an outcome. The continuing health of this corridor will be secured by SRRC, who will maintain this planting along with their regular maintenance work in the park.

Judith Roland, TM Landcare President (left), with Nadia O'Carroll, President of TM Natural History Association, at the Lions Park corridor planting.

Piccabeen and TM Landcare Office New Phone Number 
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Please record our new number:
0403 783 757  





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