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Thursday 8th October 2020 

A Warm Welcome at our AGM! 
  • 31st October, at the Landcare Centre in Hartley Rd East
  • Morning tea at 10:30 for an 11am start
  • Learn about our year's regeneration work and contribute to discussion of our plans for 2021

Hope you can join us at our lovely Landcare Centre! 

Our Landcare Centre: Well Worth a Visit
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Our centre, in Hartley Rd East, showcases local species, including those that would be a delight to plant in our home gardens to encourage our wildlife. Our keen volunteers look after the site, regularly removing invasive weeds like privet and asparagus.  
It's hard to believe that the first plantings at the centre were carried out only five years ago. National Tree Day and other similar events since then have involved community members in further planting of natives local to the area.  
The site is open to the public and is now a favourite spot for bird watchers and also for locals who walk the Parkrun circuit through to the Sports Grounds. 
Invitation to Serve on our Management Committee
Are you enthusiastic about our Landcare work?
Do you have ideas on how we could do it even better?
Do you have administrative or management skills? 
In accordance with our Constitution (18.3), "At each annual general meeting of the association, the members of the management committee [including the president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary] must retire from office, but are eligible, on nomination, for re-election."

Nominations are therefore sought for the following positions:
*    President
*    Vice President
*    Secretary
*    Treasurer
*    not more than eight regular Management Committee members 
If you have an interest or expertise in the following areas we'd be particularly pleased if you would nominate:
*    grant application writing
*    events coordination
*    education
*    media communications, including Facebook
*    plant propagation
*    knowledge of local flora and fauna habitat management 
If you would like to put up your hand for the committee, here's how:
*    You need to be a current member.
*    You need two current TM Landcare members to nominate you.
*    Your nomination must be in writing, signed by you and those who are nominating you. 
The form must be given to the secretary at least 14 days before the AGM on 31st October (i.e. received no later than Friday 16th October.)  
The nomination form can be found on the TML website ( go to the menu on the left, click on Forms and Documents. There you'll find the form AGM - Management Committee Nomination Form, which you can print out.

The form can be mailed to
Wendy Morgan, Secretary 
Tamborine Mountain Landcare 
10/15 Main St 
North Tamborine QLD 4272

or delivered to the Piccabeen Bookshop in an envelope marked Attn: Secretary.

Do consider nominating - the duties aren't heavy and the meetings are very friendly. 
Piccabeen and TM Landcare Office New Phone Number 
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Please record our new number:
0403 783 757  





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