MARCH 2017
Site to Finish ®  it's who we are. Our project sites take on their intended purpose when our design and construction administration role ends. However, with greater frequency Landform is contributing to the long-term success of those sites through operations and maintenance planning. Memorializing the design intent, outlining a schedule for maintenance tasks, planning for landscape succession and phasing is a smart investment and easy to do when the ideas are fresh and plans are active. Some recent work that may be applicable to your sites:
  • Succession planning to transition an existing site to a pollinator compatible landscape
  • Defining existing site issues - civil and landscape - to plan for capital improvements budgeting
  • Creating an action-focused maintenance plan and schedule to facilitate bidding and accountability with maintenance contractors
Consider protecting your site investment by taking the next step. Our team of problem-solvers will work with you make a plan for future success.

Aerial Technology
Landform has a history of aggressive technology investments and that has continued this spring with our acquisition of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Our "drone" is insured and will be operated by trained staff that have been approved by the FAA. We plan to use the new equipment for mapping existing conditions, recording construction status and capturing photos of your project! Keep an eye out for photos on social media.
Ever wonder where rainwater goes when it falls in downtown Minneapolis? Landform Surveyors had a chance to find out! A tunnel system built from the late 1800s to around 1930 was designed to carry stormwater and sewage. The systems were separated by a series of construction projects throughout the 20th century, leaving the 80-100 foot deep tunnel system today to carry only stormwater.
The large amount of impervious surface in downtown creates a lot of stormwater when it rains. The rush to get to the Mississippi makes for a lot of pressure in the tunnel system. The concrete liner in the tunnels hewn from sandstone (by hand!) have started to crack under the pressure. A plan is underway to build a parallel tunnel underground to relieve some of that pressure. Landform's task was to map the existing tunnel so designers can figure out where to build the new one.
Surveying 100-feet underground requires a bit more planning than your day-to-day survey. Our field staff had to get confined space training, learn how to operate multiple gas meters for monitoring the air underground and get lowered to the job site each day in a crane basket (along with a couple of extra trips to get equipment down below). When it was all said and done, Landform surveyors mapped just shy of 4 miles of tunnel. We set 61 permanent control markers in the ceiling of the tunnel for future use. We prepared an alignment of the tunnel invert for use in hydraulically analyzing the system. Our crews spent 9 long days underground - A very interesting survey!

2040 Comprehensive Plans
It is time for that decennial planning party we in the metro have come to love-Comprehensive Plan updates! MN Statute §473.858 requires cities within the seven-county metropolitan area to update their comprehensive plans every 10 years and the 2040 Comprehensive Plans are to be adopted by December 31, 2018. Many cities have already started work on their plans.
A comprehensive plan is the community's vision for the future and path for how to reach that vision. Comprehensive planning is an important tool for cities to guide future development of land to ensure a safe and healthy environment that supports the residential, commercial, industrial and public needs of the community. The plan should be a reflection of the community's values.

Our planners stay current on planning and development trends so that we can help you develop the right plan for your community. We have the tools to help make this very important process engaging, entertaining and educational. Please give our planners a call if you have any questions about the Comprehensive Planning process.

Welcome Liz Pushing
Liz joins Landform as an Accounting Lead in our Administration Department. She brings more than 15 years of finance and accounting experience to the team. Liz will be in charge of project accounting from project set-ups and contracts to billing and lien waivers. We look forward to having Liz on the team!
Look for other employment opportunites on our website: http://landform.net/careers.html
Luther St. Cloud Honda
Construction was completed in January of this eight-acre 432 space Honda dealership in Waite Park. Landform coordinated with the City of Waite Park, the Sauk River Watershed District and MNDOT to meet the design needs of the public. In-depth collaboration with The Luther Company and their consultants was integral in the delivery of the completed project on an accelerated pace to match the project goals.

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