SEPTEMBER 15, 2015

Tis the season for construction! We've had a lot of exciting projects at Landform this summer. We are seeing the impact of strong home sales growth across all three studios. Which means we've had the opportunity to break ground on many exciting projects in our commercial and residential studios.  Our planners have been seeing an increase in the number of development applications in their cities.

We are also seeing some interesting legislation that will impact the way our cities are built and regulated. These changes bring forth different challenges and opportunities for you. Our staff is equipped to be your partner in whatever comes your way.   


Hedlund Engineering joins Landform
Have you heard the news?  Hedlund Engineering and Landform joined firms to allow us to expand our service offerings to our clients and increase our capacity to handle our client's projects.  Our firms are better together. This represents the right kind of growth to ensure that we maintain our direct relationships with our clients and offer expanded services to our existing clients and new markets. We're confident that joining will allow us to grow while still maintaining the same quality of service you've come to expect from us. 
Welcome new team members:
Josh Popehn

Josh joins Landform as a Designer III in our Retail and Commercial Design Studio. He has a Masters of Landscape Architecture and Bachelors of Environmental Design from the University of Minnesota. Josh's fifteen years of experience and his dedication to the landscape design field will be a great asset to our team and our clients.

August marked the Grand Opening of Luther Brookdale Volkswagen!  
Reed vs. Town of Gilbert, AZ
We make it our job to know how rulings on zoning and land use laws at the local and federal level impact our daily work. This summer a small church in the small town of Gilbert, AZ made some big waves on the national level that will change how communities regulate signage. In June, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that communities must treat content on all signs the same. While the full impact of this ruling is yet to be known, we are working with our public sector clients to ensure that their codes comply with court's decision. Our private sector clients may see less leniency for signage in some areas while others may see more leniency. Read more about this ruling here.

2700 University Apartments

Landform prepared the design and approvals coordination for a mixed-use development on the border of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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Hawks Pointe

Landform is providing planning, site design, engineering, surveying and construction  services for a 15-lot subdivision on the shores of Smithtown Bay on Lake Minnetonka.
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Wabasha Riverfront Site Planning

Landform facilitated the Task Force coordination, development of parcel concepts and developer feedback on parcel goals. A fast-paced investigative project was in order to give the Task Force the tools they needed to make long-term development recommendations for the site to the Wabasha City Council.
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