Hello AIR Card® accepting merchants,

Thank you for your continued support and providing services to the US Military by accepting the US Government AIR Card®.

KHI has received the attached notice from DLA-Energy Contracting to notify merchants located in Germany, pursuant to a 1978 agreement between the United States, and Germany that Germany pays for landing and parking fees for most United States military flights landing in Germany.

Airports located in Germany should be providing pilots/aircrew members of the United States military with an Airport Service Ticket or Leistungsbestätigun g as attached. Payment of landing and parking fees should be coordinated directly between the airport, Germany, and the United States.

These fees should not be submitted for payment via the US Government AIR Card®. If these fees are submitted, they will be disputed by the appropriate billing contact, and not paid.

As always we thank you for your continued support of the US military and the US Government AIR Card® program.

KHINC | www.khinc.com