Imagine yourself sitting at the Landlovers Awards Ceremony in the Plantation Ballroom at beautifully decorated tables, sipping wine, and eating appetizers with 150 other friends and family members. Then imagine nine scholarship recipients going to the podium in the front of the room amid enthusiastic applause. Gabriel Brown, Tori Cook, Hannah Henderson, Elijah Hires, Gregory King, Donovan Lewis, Hunter McDowell, Cory Palm, and Briana Sanchez are all employees or family members of TLA employees and have life changing aspirations. The scholarships will help them monetarily on their journey.
Then picture volunteers from Skidaway Audubon, Skidaway First Responders,
Salvation Army, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, America’s Second Harvest, Coastal Conservation Association, Living Independence for Everyone, Military Relief Fund, Chatham County Family Justice Center, The Landings Association Security, Skidaway Farms, and Boy Scout Troop 57 coming to the podium to receive checks for their nature projects, social services, health and safety projects and educational and cultural endeavors.

Finally, picture Thomas Gauntt Hudgins accepting the Community Service Merit Award for his outstanding service to the Savannah Community, including the Greenbriar Children’s Center, Sylvan Learning Center, Skidaway Island Methodist Church, Humane Society, and Boy Scout Troop 57. 

The Landlovers Awards Ceremony is always an end of the year hallmark event for Landlovers. It is the reason we have the Flea Market, Auctionmania, Games Day, Home Tour, and Garden Tour. It would have been such a joy to present the awards in person. However, because of the pandemic, our communications directors, Lynn Stephens and Pam Schepis, who have done an excellent job all year, will be featuring the honorees in the newsletter, TWATL and the Association’s Journal. Please congratulate all of the recipients when you see them. They are outstanding people who deserve all of the virtual hugs and applause that you give them. 

Now imagine the closing of the Awards Ceremony. I had planned to publicly thank the board members and salute all of them with a toast.