President's Message

Optimism is a noun defined as: hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something. I see optimism on this island as folks are obtaining their vaccinations and are venturing outside to explore their world again. I sense an interest in the desire for a safe, outdoor social event such as a wine tasting and food pairing on the terrace at Marshwood on March 23rd. I sense an interest in the desire to put together a Marketplace event that will be as much fun and successful as the flea market has been in the past. I also sense an optimism in the ability to fund many of the philanthropic needs within Savannah.

The deadline for the Merit Awards and the Landings Employees Scholarships is March 1, which is fast approaching. Many young folks’ education has been interrupted by the Covid 19, but we have great hope that this will start to return to normal in 2021. We have extended the deadline for the Landlover’s grants to April 16th to insure there is time for all needs to be expressed before our grants are awarded in May. Applications are on the web: Please be sure to get your applications in, as we are continuing to raise funds for distribution this year.

We are changing the concept of the Flea Market and Auctionmania and replacing it with the Landlover’s Marketplace. The Marketplace will be held on Saturday May 8th from 10-3 at the Palmetto Clubhouse Parking Lot. There will be a two day intake Saturday May 1st and Monday May 3rd, also at the Parking Lot. The Marketplace will only be open to Landings residents, friends, and guests. Rib Rubin and his team plan on making the Marketplace a festive, fun environment. There will be 10 or so shops rather than tables. Think... Art Gallery, The Jewelry Shop, Collectibles Corner, The Furniture Place, Sporting Goods and Hardware Supply, Kitchen Depot, Home Decor Store, Kids Junction, Gardener's Den, Electronics Showroom. We will have food, drinks, and music with games for the kids. Rib will be providing more data as planning progresses. We should also mention that Games Day will be held on April 30th with new outdoor activities for fun and competition. 

I see optimism on the Island as we plan a March 23rd Wine tasting event, a Games Day event on April 30th, and a Marketplace event on May 8th.  With these events, we will have fun and raise funds for the many philanthropic needs of the Island as stated in our mission.

Warm regards,