President's Message

Innovation in a year of Covid-19 is critical to the success of any organization. We are told that there will be enough vaccine for all adults to be vaccinated by the end of May, so the majority of folks on our beautiful island will be protected from this dreadful disease. We still hear of people elsewhere in the world that are dealing with the harmful effects of this disease, which continues to remind us of how fortunate we are on Skidaway.   

The first way we have innovated is to change the Winter Social from a dinner dance to a wine tasting experience. Our club has procured premium wines, and Chef Sam has created wonderful food that will complement the wine and will be filling and delicious. This will be a fantastic way to see old and new friends while trying new varietals and fabulous cuisine. The Marshwood Club is closed on the night of the March 23rd, so we have the entire outdoor space at our disposal. If it rains, we will move the function inside to continue the party.

The second innovation is our change in Games Day. On Friday, April 30th we have a chance to gather with our friends for a day of fun and competition. Brunch will be served, followed by games such as bridge, mahjong, poker, Corn Hole and Putting. All Landlovers’ members can brag about their putting prowess, then can demonstrate by winning the competition. These changes to Games Day may become a new form for future years.

Our third innovation is the MarketPlace. The format has changed to include residents and friends of Skidaway Island only. We will feature  valuable items that have been donated by our generous residents. On May 8th come and shop in the Palmetto Club parking lot. Items not sold will be auctioned off with some of our off-island partners. It is planned to be fun and exciting for the entire family, so add it to your calendar for an enjoyable day.  

We are planning on an awards ceremony on May18th, where we will hand out our hard-earned funds for the many deserving organizations within our community. In addition, we will be presenting scholarships to many of the children of our Landings working employees. It will be a very rewarding event.

Finally, we will conclude this year with a party on May 20thWe will have a Prom-themed night for our closing social. The 2021/2022 Landlovers’ Board will be introduced while having a fun-filled evening of food, wine, and dance.  

As a reminder, we have extended the deadline for grants, scholarships, and merit awards to April 16th. Applications are on the web: Please be sure to get your applications in as we are continuing to raise funds for distribution this year.

Innovation is the mother of invention, and we have tried to be as inventive as possible this year. Sign up for the wine tasting and Games Day events at I hope to see you all at these events.

Warm regards,