On behalf of our board of directors, I would like to extend an extremely grateful thank you to all who attended our Opening Reception and/or who joined Landlovers for this year! Our membership is now approaching 650 households (which brings us closer to our goal of 800+). This is exciting news as the majority of you volunteer for our organization’s activities, socials and, most importantly, our fundraising events. (Did you know that it takes approximately 700 volunteers to run our Flea Market?) Also your dues serve to pay our operational expenses (e.g., insurance, state registration fees, supplies) with any remaining funds being used to help finance our scholarships, awards and grants.

The Opening Reception gave our board members and volunteers the opportunity to meet new residents and to hear ideas for new activities and events. We always welcome these new ideas. However, we do need additional volunteers to manage these activities. Some of the ideas provided included: a singles group, a men’s book club, a group for those supporting special needs individuals, and a social group catering to our younger members. As an aside, Landlovers had previously sponsored a singles activity, but many of these prior members are now ineligible as they are no longer single! If any of these activities appeal to you or if you have any other ideas, please contact landloversactivities2021@gmail.com. We will support you in organizing new activities.

Landlovers is excited to report that we will again support The Salvation Army by “ringing the bell” at The Village Walk Pharmacy in November and December. Additional information will be provided shortly regarding how you can assist us in this effort.

Best regards,
Marian Mackle