I would like to congratulate the Landings Club and the entire Landings population for the successful Korn Ferry golf event. This was one of the first golf tournaments that included spectators and was exciting with a sudden death playoff. I would like to congratulate the winners of the Skyway Capital Markets Pro-Am Raffle: Keith Kruger, Jack Welch, and Jeff Werner. The Pro-Am Raffle is just one of the methods used by the Landlovers organization to raise funds that benefit those in need for the many organizations on and off the island. I state the obvious when I say that the philanthropic needs in Savannah and on the island have never been greater than during the Pandemic.

Chris Lanigan and Gail Tomassini are working to develop additional fundraising activities that will work in these unusual times. We have decided to move the Flea Market to May to give a better chance of having a normal event. As a backup plan, we will only allow Landings residents to attend if the pandemic has not abated. We will follow the Flea Market with our second annual virtual Auctionmania where social distancing is easy and enjoyable. We have also rescheduled Games Day to April 30th with lots of outdoor events. Stay tuned for more details. Gail and Chris are already taking donations that we sell through a partnered auction house, Liberty Auction Inc. Please don’t hesitate to donate your furniture, cars, boats, motorcycles, etc to the Flea Market Pre-Intake. Those in need appreciate your donation. If you would like more information on how to donate, please email:  fleamarketintake@gmail.com.
Laurie Milano and Mary Schmidt have a host of activities for the year.  See some of the activities described in the newsletter. Plans are being worked on by your board for “masked” fun and for “social-distanced” Holiday Party. Kerry Ufford and Margy Hatch are working with Marguerite Baxter and her team to design a Holiday Cocktail Party.  See details in this newsletter. The club has kept their tent (Palmetto Variety Theater) for use through the end of the 2020. This event should be a wonderful start to the holiday season.  

Again as a reminder, the best way you can help will be by renewing your membership to Landlovers. You can renew your membership by using the online form (landingslandlovers.com) or by tubing a printed membership form to Cindy Altman.

In addition, you can make a cash donation to Landlovers (https://www.landingslandlovers.com/donate/).

Stay safe and healthy on our beautiful island.

Warm regards,