One of the best things about being President of Landlovers is that I get to work with amazingly talented people. This month at the Opening Reception on Sept 26, you will get to meet many of them. As you enter the ballroom and notice the new banners designating each section, look for Margy Hatch and Kerry Ufford, our Social Directors, who are responsible for organizing the reception.
Walk over to Activities and look for Activity Directors Connie Kulp and Chris Lanigan who are in charge of 27 activities and 44 activity chairs. Take time to meet our very capable chairs and sign up for our many upcoming activities. They are the reason the Landlovers’ membership just keeps growing.
Make your way to Fundraising and spend time with Ways and Means Directors Mary Schmidt and Laurie Milano. They are in charge of the big projects: Flea Market, Auctionmania, Garden Tour, just to name a few. The chairs of these events absolutely need your help, so please volunteer for as many of the fund-raising projects as you can.
When leaving, Cec Calcaterra, our Membership Director, will be waiting in the lobby with membership forms and brochures. Our dues of $30.00 can be paid by credit card, cash, or check. If you forget your money, go to our new website and join online.
Kenna Kinsey, our Website Chair, has worked much of the summer to help create a colorful and inviting website.
Finally, come say hi to me. I will be the President grinning from ear to ear.