Landscape Information
Front Landscape Requirements

Researched estimated cost: Starter Tree $30.00    5 Gallon Bushes $10.00-20.00    1 Gallon Ground Cover $5.00-10.00
Prohibited Plant List
Olive Trees (Olea europaea) other than the “Swan Hill” variety

Oleanders (Nerium oleander) other than the dwarf varieties and Thevetia. (Thevetia species).

Fountain Grass (Pennesethus setaceum) or Pampas Grass ( Cortanderia sellona).

All varieties of Citrus are permissible within the confines of the rear yard only.

Mexican Palo Verde (Parkinsonia aculeetea).

All varieties of mulberry trees.

All types of artificial plants, flowers, trees and shrubs
Landscape Referrals
Landscapes-R-Us Team
(520) 483-1677

Nature’s Element Landscape
(480) 650-6138

Druwest Landscape
(520) 233-1127
Anyone Home?
(602) 574-7006

R & L Yard Work
(520) 450-1443