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New Color Coordinator 


Joanie Hackett 

We would like to welcome our new Coordinator, Joan Hackett. Joan comes to us with excellent experience  the seasonal color field and we look forward to having her here at Signature!

 color display

The leaves are falling

In the fall, preference will be given to leaf removal over other services, and as much leaf removal as possible will occur during each visit with a focus on sidewalks and turf areas.   It is not intended that all leaves will be removed from the entire site each visit.



Between October 1st and Thanksgiving all irrigation systems under contract will be winterized. This includes blowing out irrigation lines with Power Air Compressor, opening manual drain valves, turning off Irrigation Controller and Main irrigation water valve and draining water from the DCVA.

Changes to the Seasonal Color Program
  annual color

















In an effort to provide year round, vibrant seasonal color displays, we are modifying the way in which we install, service and charge for our color program.




We are proposing a yearly cost for color programs as opposed to seasonal billings. This yearly amount will be billed in 12 equal, monthly payments throughout the year. In short, our customers will be paying monthly to keep their color displays looking great, and this cost includes installations and maintenance. The yearly cost will remain the same as your current amount - it's just being billed monthly as opposed to three times per year. For those customers that would like to retain the traditional, per planting billing, the service and billing method will remain the same. Proposals for 2012 color will be coming out later this year, and at that time, we can work with you to assure the pricing, billing method and look of the display works for your site's needs.



Installation and maintenance:


As part of our proposed billing format, our crews will be changing out some of the plants and annuals throughout the year between major change outs, as needed when they visit the site for flower maintenance to assure your display is vibrant year round.