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Meet Our Enhancements Managers


Matt Olson

Matt Olson/ North Branch





Jim Cook

Jim Cook/Central Branch




Tim Hawkins/South Branch




All of our Enhancements Managers have experience in landscape design and installation.


Please feel free to give them a call or send them an e-mail if you have a project you would like them to look at.



Bauer before 








Successful Irrigation Activation May Require Your Immediate Attention



It may not seem like it when you look out your window but spring is here and that means we are activating irrigation systems. The number of systems that we have under our care dictates an activation schedule that begins in early March and typically runs through late April into early May. During this time you should expect to see your irrigation system running for a short time (often less than a day) while we are leak testing and identifying any necessary repairs. When this process is complete we turn off the controller so that the system will not run until it is needed. If you are concerned about a system that seems to be running too long please don't hesitate to contact us.

Depending on the size of the system, we will often conduct simple repairs costing less than $300-$500 at the time our technician is on site to save time and money. Larger repairs or work for customers who require pre-approval for amounts in this range will get a written proposal from one of our Account Managers. Please contact your Account Manager if you'd like to pre-authorize small repairs. Your timely reply to irrigation proposals is essential to having your system fully functional when and if the sun ever comes out. Often we have customers who wait for sunny weather before they process irrigation proposals which results in slower response time and potential frustration with an inoperable system during peak demand. Thank you for your help with this critical matter and feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.


Time for Turf Renovations 
City Hall

Soil conditions in the Northwest are often not very conducive to healthy turf. Poorly draining, infertile soil leads to poor turf health and creates a greater need for fertilization and watering in the summer. Wet turf is difficult to walk on and to mow without rutting. In some situations, installation of drainage may apply, but drainage does not alter the structure of the soil, and so does not handle the above problems. Signature Landscape Services recommends turf renovations which include aeration and topdressing.


Turf Aeration

turf aerationPromotes a lush, healthy and drought resistant lawn by relieving soil compaction and allowing fertilizers, water and oxygen better access to turf roots. The resultant increase in soil microbes helps break down thatch naturally.









turf topdresserWet turf areas, mole holes and exposed roots all present hazards and reduced usability for lawns. Topdressing is a great service for these problem areas!The process of applying organic soil, sand, or a mix of the two to the surface of turf helps firm up the ground for ease of use and reduction of rutting. This is particularly effective when performed in conjunction with aeration as some of the soil mix falls into the aeration holes to help alter the soil structure. We are pleased to introduce a new topdressor to our fleet which applies topdress mix evenly and efficiently!