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   Drought-Tolerant Plants 

Drought-Tolerant Plants can survive with little or no supplemental watering, besides rainfall, after they are established.  They make great additions to any landscape, but especially those with limited water access.  

 Arbutus unedo

 Arbutus unedo


Compact strawberry tree is a four-season evergreen shrub with outstanding flowers, fruit, leaves, and bark. The branching is denser and the growth rate is slower than the typical form. Small, urn-shaped, whitish-pink flowers are produced from October to December. Round, �-inch, knobby fruits gradually ripen to orange-red and are often in color when the shrub is in full flower. Choose a protected site to ensure fruit every year. The dark green glossy foliage is beautiful, as is the attractive, cinnamon-colored bark. Prune shrubs to accentuate the sculptural qualities of the branching and bark.


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What's The Crew Up To This Summer? 

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Summer is a busy time of year in the landscape industry. Our Maintenance Teams are out working in the landscape on turf management, weed management, pruning and fertility during the summer.


Turf Areas

Proper turf maintenance takes center stage in summer as grass grows very quickly and requires constant service to maintain density and plant health. We keep the blades on our mowers sharp and perform trimming and edging as a part of a regular program to showcase turf areas on site. Fertility is managed with fertilizers blended for prolonged performance with minimal nutrient loss. Broadleaf weeds are managed with selective applications of spot applied herbicide as needed during the summer.


Note: Pet urine can be damaging to lawn areas and often kills or discolors patches of turf in prominent areas on site. Please be sure to clean up after your pets in the landscape and take dogs to specified "pet walk" areas if possible to avoid damaging lawns.

 Commercial site

Bed Areas

Care of bed areas including weed management, tree and shrub pruning and raking is referred to as "detail" work. Although we mow all turf areas on site on a weekly basis, detail work often occurs in a cyclical pattern within a 6 or 8 week rotation depending on your contract. This means that our crews will not get to all bed areas on the site each week. Instead we focus on detail work within a specific area and general weed control for the rest of the site.  Tree and shrub pruning is timed to maximize plant performance and flowering.


Note: Often trees and shrubs are planted too densely or too close to building requiring frequent pruning. These plants are good candidates for thinning or transplanting to alternative places on site where they may grow more naturally.