September Landscape News
Darian Boesch
Vanessa Gonzales
New Team Members!
Finally some help!!! I now have my son, Darian, working part time with us while he is attending Southeastern Louisiana University. He is learning all aspects of the landscaping business.
I also have my sister, Vanessa, helping behind the scenes with marketing and sales. She is also visiting properties, so you may see her every now and then.
Fall Annuals
Early Fall Planting Is Here!!!
It's time to remove those old, worn out summer annuals and plant some new, fresh color! Give us a call today to install some beautiful fall annuals!!!
Time to trim those Drift and Knockout Roses
Trim back 1/3 of the plant to control its size, and remove any deadwood to its point of origin. Proper timing of trimming increases the blooms and keep your roses healthy. Spread Osmocote, a slow release fertilizer, at this time and treat with copper fungicide spray if you find any blackspot fungus.
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Fleas Love Louisiana!

Eww, right?! Pesky fleas have a tendency to stay in shady areas of the yard where your pets often hang out. Keep your pets clean and regularly mow the lawn to keep fleas in check. Spread Triazicide Insect Killer according to the directions on the bag until the infestation is under control or to maintain a barrier to keep the
pests away.
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September: A Great Time To Divide Your Iris
Louisiana Iris are at their most dormant state in the late summertime, making the month of September a great time to divide. Each year, Iris grow and spread, eventually causing the plants to become crowded. Overcrowding leads to lower vigor and less flowering. This usually happens a few years after being planted. Your Iris will thank you in the spring with plenty of gorgeous blooms!
Job Spotlight:
Zoysia Sod Installation
First, we sprayed herbicide to kill off the existing weed lawn. We then removed the entire weed lawn and updated the drainage system. Next, the entire yard was graded to the proper slope with a laser level, Finally, we installed Grade A Certified Zoysia sod. Beautiful!!!
Christmas Berry
What a great evergreen plant! It likes shady conditions and provides stunning bright red berries in the winter. It is extremely easy to grow, and that's always a plus in everyone's book! Give it a won't let you down!
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