Volume II | 03-22-2018
Here at Rhine, we are hard at work creating lasting memories for our customers. Read on to learn about some of our current projects!
What's Going on at Rhine?
S creened In Porch
The conveniences of an indoor room, a screened in porch is great for entertaining, relaxing in the outside air, knowing you are protected from rain or a harsh sun. This project, scheduled to be completed within the next few months, consists of a custom screened in porch, ground level patio, and fireplace.
Spring is an important time for landscapes – plants and trees are preparing to come alive and many beds need to be replenished and nourished. Spring clean-ups include deadheading flowers, pruning trees and shrubs, fertilizing, and applying fresh mulch.
DID YOU KNOW? Now is the time to prune Crape Myrtles. If you wait too long, they may not flower properly for the summer season. Our Team of experts can assist in proper pruning and spring clean-ups.
Retaining walls are very common in our line of work and can be used in many ways in a landscape setting. This particular project will provide a great visual appeal as well as offer a solid barrier between the home and downhill. Small shrubs and flowers will be planted within to add color.
Scheduled completion this summer, our crew has been hard at work building a custom pool and spa, covered patio, a porch, and retaining walls. We worked with the homeowner in creating a master plan that shows the entire project, from concept to final design.
Master Plan and Hardscape Designs
One of the most important steps in creating the best outdoor space is to have a proper plan. At Rhine, we incorporate a multi-phase process that ensures all of our customers the best outcome, no matter the size of the project. Our full-time Landscape Architects and Designers have years of experience and guarantee results. From a small shrubbery plan or a full design plan to create a backyard oasis complete with a pool, pavilion or pool house, outdoor kitchen, lighting, plantings & more, we can make it happen!

Pro Tip:  When creating any kind of outdoor design or plan, always be certain as to the location and run-off for where water will be flowing.
Swimming Pools
From the initial design and concept, to the landscaping and adjoining patio, we can create any style and size pool for your backyard. It's a great addition to any home and we can create the backyard you have always wanted!

Pro Tip:  Have a complete design done before you begin a project of this caliber. Even if you plan to do your project in phases, having a proper plan will result in a more cohesive design and better results.
Drainage + Waterproofing
Coming out of the winter season and into the Spring Season, we often learn of many homes that have drainage and waterproofing issues. If your basement has taken on any water, or if your lawn is ponding, we can correct all of this for you.

Pro Tip:  Always use hard white PVC pipe to run underground. The black flex pipe collects the little asphalt shedings from your roof which can not be cleaned out properly. The PVC will last nearly forever and can be more easily cleaned.
The Rhine Team is Always Here For You!
Did you know we can help you with all of these projects?
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I hope you enjoyed our newsletter and found some of my Pro Tips helpful. I love what I do and I’m very proud of the team that I have built over the years. Please keep in mind all of the services we provide and I hope you have a Great Spring.

-Jay Rhine.

President & Founder.
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