Jeff Lang
Think Different, Be Different
Acrylic, glitter, gold paint
48" x 48"
Jeff Lang
Myrtle Beach, SC 
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Artist Biography

Growing up in Central Pennsylvania I had a love for sports and art. Two genres that typically didn't blend. I can remember doodling pictures of Michael Jordan and Larry Bird on whatever I could find. That didn't go over well when it was my mother's good tablecloth or my homework papers. I used whatever was available. Old No. 2 pencils, pens, colored pencils, etc. until I graduated to paint. I had received my first set of brushes for Christmas one year and never looked back.

My exploration in art took a 4 year hiatus while in the Marine Corps. Following my 4 year contract in the Corps, I used the GI Bill and completed my Bachelor's in art at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. I have since moved my family to Myrtle Beach where my artistic exploration continues.

I have always been fascinated with "realism and pop art". Taking aspects of those two styles and mixing it with my interest in sports, iconic celebrities and luxury fashion, I attempt to juxtapose common everyday imagery with icons of the past and present. This is accomplished using various media to include oil paint, acrylic, pencil, ink, colored pencil, collage, gold leaf, glitter, resins, etc.
I truly believe art is a constant battle between the brain and the canvas. Win or lose, growth always occurs and we, as artists, are only as good as our next piece.