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Michigan State University Federal Credit Union’s First Annual Cultural Fair
Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) hosted its First Annual Cultural Fair: Navigating Culture through Exploration. Throughout May, the fair created opportunities to learn about and celebrate others by exploring diverse cultures and traditions. The Cultural Fair’s purpose was to help build cultural competency through curiosity and listening to others whose experiences differ from our own.

MSUFCU’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Council planned a series of videos, activities, and live events to engage employees from every region of the Credit Union. The fair consisted of several key elements: 

Weekly Cooking Tutorials were internally shared every Wednesday. Each video recording featured a Maker from the Allen Neighborhood Center as they prepared one of their favorite recipes sold at their small business.

Conversation Cards were developed for leaders to facilitate team building, prompting employees to share experiences, cultures, and traditions. Encouraging authenticity, the cards empowered workers to incorporate their true selves into the workplace, promoting a sense of belonging.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session was held live that featured a diverse panel of MSUFCU leaders who generously shared their personal narratives and valuable insights with employees. The panelists answered questions from the audience, maintaining an engaging and interactive environment.

Virtual Cooking Demonstration was held live, and Jose Aste joined to walk employees through the process of making Ceviche (cured fish), a Peruvian dish served at his Lansing restaurant, Tantay. Jose shared the history behind the dish and how he got into professional cooking as a small business owner.

MSUFCU's First Annual Cultural Fair was a resounding success and captured the Credit Union’s core value to Cultivate Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. MSUFCU's DEIB Council fostered a sense of inclusivity and understanding, leaving a lasting impact on their community.

Learn more about MSUFCU here.

Author: Re’Anna Limmitt and Taylor Moberg, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
Important June Observations & Celebrations
  • Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month
  • Black Music Month
  • National Caribbean American Heritage Month
  • Pride Month (LGBTQ+)
  • June 5: World Environment Day
  • June 11: Race Unity Day
  • June 12: Loving Day
  • June 19: Juneteenth
  • June 20: World Refugee Day
  • June 21: National Indigenous Peoples Day (Canada)
  • June 21: Litha, Summer Solstice (Pagan)
  • June 24: St-Jean-Baptiste Day (Quebec)
  • June 28: Eid al-Adha (Muslim)
What is Juneteenth & How Can We Celebrate?
Juneteenth is an annual holiday celebrated on June 19 in the United States to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved African Americans and the abolition of slavery. It marks the day when Union General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas in 1865 and issued an order proclaiming freedom for the enslaved people there.

There are multiple ways to celebrate Juneteenth throughout the Greater Lansing region. To view the events, please check Page 10 on the May FOCUS Business Monthly Magazine edition
Upcoming Events & Programming
LRCC Federal & State Business Roundtable

Date & Time: Monday, June 26 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Location: Lansing Regional Chamber, 500 E. Michigan Avenue, Suite 200, Lansing

Tickets: The program is offered at no cost for Lansing Regional Chamber members and $25 for future members.
Speaker: Senate Appropriations Chair Sarah Anthony
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Series: Four Steps for DEI Success

Date & Time: Tuesday, June 13 from 10 to 11:30 a.m.

Location: Lansing Regional Chamber, 500 E. Michigan Avenue, Suite 200, Lansing

Tickets: The program is offered at no cost for Lansing Regional Chamber members and $25 for future members.
Overview: Attendees will learn how to become a DEI champion using four socially intelligent practices from keynote Matthew D. Anderson, Leadership Coach, Ethics Researcher, DEI Bridge Author, There’s No Such Thing as Right and Wrong. Anderson will explore the four emotionally intelligent practices each of us should choose to follow any time we’re engaging with others to demonstrate respect for those around us. By focusing on respecting others, you have the capacity to seamlessly and consistently be effective at championing DEI. When enough of us choose this approach, we will positively influence the world to be a happier and more fulfilling place for all.
ATHENA WIN PGD Series - 5 Generations: Supporting an Intergenerational Workforce

Date & Time: Wednesday, June 28, from 8 to 9:30 a.m.

Location: Lansing Regional Chamber, 500 E. Michigan Avenue, Suite 200, Lansing

Tickets: The event is offered at no cost for ATHENA WIN members an $25 for future members.
Overview: With 5 generations currently in the workforce, it is important for employers to understand what each group wants, needs and expects. It can be challenging to know exactly how to encourage cohesive, productive, cross-generational teams and recruit and retain the talent your organization needs.

Presenter: Alyse Munishamaiah, LMSW, Associate Director of Outreach, Business & Community Engagement at Central Michigan University
Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolees
We celebrate World Refugee Day this month and applaud the local efforts of St. Vincent Catholic Charities (STVCC), who has been resettling and serving refugees and other newcomers from all over the world since 1975. Currently, STVCC is working to serve any Ukrainians coming to the Greater Lansing region and most Ukrainians are fleeing the current conflict arriving through the Uniting for Ukraine program of the US government. 

More information about the Uniting for Ukraine program, STVCC’s services and how to access them is available below. Questions can be directed to Chelsea Lafferty, Assistant Director of Refugee Services, at 517.913.4106.
June 5 Business Education Series Recap
During the LRCC Business Education Series on June 5, attendees learned more about the SBA 504 loan and how to secure government contracts from the Michigan Certified Development Corporation (MCDC) and APEX Accelerator. The SBA 504 loan administered by the MCDC provides small businesses with low-rate, long-term loans for building purchases, construction, and machinery and equipment. MCDC spoke about how the SBA 504 loan can help small businesses, the benefits of the loan and how to apply. APEX Accelerator spoke about the basics of securing government contracts including how to register for the government marketplace, how to receive notifications and how to apply for government contracts.

For more information about government contracts contact Mike Hindenach, APEX Accelerator Program Manager, at mhindenach@enterprisegroup.org. For more information about the SBA 504 loan contact Coty Gould, Loan Officer, at gouldc@michigancdc.org.
Lansing PRIDE
Lansing PRIDE, the community-based, non-profit organization in its second year of supporting the area’s LGBTQIA+ community, will host the 2023 Lansing Pride Festival in Old Town Lansing on Saturday, June 17. The festival is free to all and will feature food, live music and performances and more than 100 vendors! More information about Lansing PRIDE is available below.
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