Statewide Strategic Framework and Housing Survey

A big thank you to our countless stakeholders who have contributed to this important initiative. LHA, Corporation for Supportive Housing, State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD), and many additional agencies throughout California have poured time and resources into this process. Currently the Statewide Strategic Framework (SSF) is in draft form and has begun being circulated among LHA members for review and comment.

Our Statewide Survey on Housing for People with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities is live and gathering perspective from stakeholders to further inform our efforts to increase housing for the population we serve. If you have yet to take the survey or forward it to relevant parties, you can do so below.
The completion of this project is scheduled for the end of September 2018. LHA's SSF Committee will meet in Sacramento on August 20th to review the final draft. On September 18, LHA will officially present the framework to SCDD, followed by the initiative's publication and full roll out on October 4 at the Bi-Annual LHA Meeting in Sacramento. 

To find out more about the Statewide Strategic Framework, visit here .
DDS Submitting Recommendations to HCD

The housing team at the Department of Developmental Services will be meeting with California's Housing and Community Development Department to discuss ways that their upcoming NOFAs can better serve the needs of people with I/DD. If you have any comments on this process, please provide it to LHA's Legislative Advocacy Committee Chair Darin Lounds here  no later than August 9. 
Legacy HOMES Program Launches
on LHA Website
LHA is so proud of our Legacy Homes Committee that has spent several years researching, developing, and ultimately creating an innovative program that seeks to provide a solution to the long-term housing needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This new program will assist families interested in donating a home as a source of affordable and sustainable housing now and into the future. 

To visit the live Legacy Homes page on LHA's website, click here . For questions regarding this program, please email legacy@lanterman .
Re-Enrollment and New Member Recruitment Period

Renew your association with the Lanterman Housing Alliance or join for the first time during our fiscal year 2018-2019 enrollment period. LHA connects the housing industry and the regional centers to the resources and people necessary to create inclusive, affordable homes for people with I/DD. We bring together the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to collaborate on developing innovative housing models and creating new resources our members need to meet the housing needs of people we serve. Join this impactful association today to begin receiving your benefits and support this critical work.
LHA Officially Endorses AB 1990

The LHA Legislative Advocacy Committee monitors bills at the federal, state, and local level to offer support, oppose, or provide comment to lawmakers ensuring that the policy agendas of our elected officials align with the housing needs of those we serve. Most recently LHA endorsed AB 1990.   Read endorsement letter .
- Aug 9 | 2-3:00 PM

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- Integrated Health and Living Project

- Kristin Martin, President
[HOPE, Inc]
- Darin Lounds,
Vice President
- Steve von Rajcs,
[California Housing Foundation]
- Yvonne Delgadillo,
[Allied Argenta]
- On August 1, the LHA Legislative Advocacy Committee will meet with Southern California Association of Non Profit Housing (SCANPH) to discuss opportunities to collaborate in the future.

- On August 9, LHA's President and the Association Administrator will present at the state Developmental Services Task Force. This meeting will focus in part on LHA’s work throughout California and on the Statewide Strategic Framework. 

-DDS is working with Southern California Regional Centers to host a So Cal edition of the MFH Sub Committee. A date is pending, but this is a great opportunity for local stakeholders — including regional centers and housing developers — to provide input on the future of housing and the DDS process of funding housing. This meeting will meet on a quarterly basis.  
LHA is always looking for in-kind support to assist LHA operations, including accounting, marketing & communication, administrative assistance, and event coordination. If you are interested, please contact below.
Ian Nevarez, LHA Administrator
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